On The 'Girls' Season Two Trailer

Haters to left, this is going to RULE woooooo!!!!

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On On Raising Prodigies

@S. Elizabeth The piano didn't cost as much as a house, they said it was the second most expensive thing they'd ever bought, next to their down payment, I think? Doesn't seem like the worst thing in the world to spend your money on, if they have it, to me.

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On On Raising Prodigies

@Scandyhoovian Am I the only one who doesn't think the request came on a whim? It's an all-consuming passion, literally the only thing she cared about, and at 7 years old or whatever I doubt she even had a concept of what it cost. Prodigal or no.

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On On Raising Prodigies

@Megano! Aw, come on now.

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On "Something of a desperate housewife" with "something like a sickness"

This is terrible. Terrible because she feels the need to disguise her identity from violent retribution and her terrible disguise ISN'T VERY GOOD. We can hear your real voice.

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On The Baby-Sitters Club: Where Are They Now?

Flaw: there are no entrance exams to Pratt!

And you're telling me Claudia applied to that one art school? Pffft.

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On The Newsroom in Verse

It's ok. I enjoy the Newsroom too. You are not alone.

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On The Newsroom's Most Recent Crimes Against Women

Wee-eeell, to be fair, the person explaining economics was a women.

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On Nicole's Dessert

@eclare Alas, foie gras is delicious. Then again, I am french, so what do I know.

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On The Four White Girls of the Apocalypse

@laurel Just wanted to say yesss yes yes yes! Thank you for writing this.

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