On The Homemade Cadbury Creme Egg

I have just, JUST finished devouring my first Creme Egg McFlurry of the season. Truly it is International Happiness Day.

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On A Conversation About Books and Money

@leon s I'm not bitching about the internet. I'm bitching about Amazon. The internet is amazing at opening up discussion and introducing people to new ideas and things they'd never have known about before. The fact it all pools together and ends up being bought in one place, though, is bad.

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On A Conversation About Books and Money

Props to Edith and Nicole for initiating this discussion and for disclosing the amount of money they're making from affiliate linking, but I'm surprised at how much the downsides of Amazon are glossed over. If Amazon is allowed to continue pricing out every single other retailer on the market, Amazon will end up being the world's only retailer, and as the world's only retailer, it will have no incentive to keep prices low, provide variety of choice, prompt delivery or good customer service. Ethics aside, that's what will end up happening. Regarding books, this is what happens:

Amazon slashes the recommended retail price of a book, losing publishers money.
Amazon allows countless eBooks to be priced for free or next to free, so a publisher CANNOT price their own for anything like a reasonable amount because it simply won't be bought, so a publisher loses money.
Publishers agonise over how to get books onto Amazon bestseller lists (because most people buy via bestseller lists, not well thought out recommendation posts like Nicole's). They slash prices because Amazon bestseller lists are full of cheap books, because most people will buy a cheap book over a slightly more expensive one. Publishers lose money.
Publishers are poorer and cannot afford to take risks on books which aren't immediately and obviously mass market. The variety of books published gets poorer.
Publishers cannot afford to pay large advances, so agencies make less money, and cannot afford to take risks with new clients who aren't obviously mass market themselves.
Writers can no longer afford to write full time.
Good books go unpublished or are never written.
Books about bondage and vampires are rife.


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On Liar, Liar, Food on Fire

@frigwiggin Girl....who cares what he eats! He's an adult, he can sort it out for himself, you're his girlfriend, not his mother! And you're definitely not the only thing standing between him and scurvy. Stop wearing yourself out with this crap; would he do the same for you?

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On The Non-Monogamous Couple Returns

I would be a lot more down with these features if the general vibe was more 'we're non-monogamous because we enjoy it' rather than 'we're non-monogamous because we've reached a higher, more emotionally adjusted place than everyone else'. The response to letter one, for instance, opens with heaps of praise on a healthy, supportive, happy, relaxed marriage, simply because the LW has said her and her husband are considering non-monogamy and are comfortable with the idea. That, to me, is not an indication that their marriage is any happier or healthier than anyone elses, it's just an indication that they are into this idea.

I don't want to sound hostile but I can see from the comments that I'm not alone in being rubbed up the wrong way by these columns - I'm not monogamous because I'm jealous, insecure, or don't have the time - I'm monogamous because when I'm in love with someone I simply have no desire to be romantically intimate (be that sexually or otherwise) with other people. I see nothing wrong with people feeling differently, and it's interesting to discuss, but the constant 'we are brilliant and you are brilliant for being so open and mature' tone of the writers of these is kind of ruining what could be 1. an enlightening discussion and 2. a useful space to say 'here's what we're into, here's how to do it successfully'. My two cents, don't want to offend.

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On The Contraception "Debate"

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Please come, I love a nice cheerful American...

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On The Contraception "Debate"

Ahem. I live in the UK. Last week I went to the doctor, for free. I asked for some more of the birth control pill I have been on for some time. They checked my blood pressure, height and weight. They asked me to pee in a cup so they could test for chlamydia, as they ask all people in my high risk age group to (though you don't have to, obv). I did, just for the hell of it. Then they gave me a prescription for 6 months of my birth control pill (for free). Then I went to the chemist, handed over my prescription, and they handed me back 6 months of my birth control pill (for free). A couple of days later I got a text saying I didn't have chlamydia - altho if I had, all I would have had to do is go back to the docs and get a single antibiotic tablet (for free). I don't recall being called a slut once during the whole process.

It's a truly awful system. No Americans should even think about adopting it. !!!!

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On Playing House, Cutting Ties, and Being Alone

@isavedlatin Amen. Just admit that your close friend's wedding is getting in the way of an important evening of babbling pet names and playing footsie at home. I'm sure they'll understand.

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On Playing House, Cutting Ties, and Being Alone

@Tam I get that, but she's NOT his landlady, I assume they share the same bedroom, bathroom etc, so he's not getting any private "rental" space, and IS it her house, if they have both, as a COUPLE, been paying mortgage payments together? I realise that legally he doesn't have a leg to stand on, but morally this woman is bankrupt with a capital B.

I hope she dumps him and he gets an obscenely high paying job a month later, so high paying that he wipes out all his student loans in a year, and then gets offered a worthy but humble salaried gig elsewhere and takes that instead, and then his new girlfriend, who is a super sexy loving lady he met in the offices of the high paying job, is impressed by his ideals and proposes to HIM with a big fat rolex engraved with 'for richer for POORER'. And then they win the lottery.

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On Playing House, Cutting Ties, and Being Alone

Erm, does no one else think it's pretty shady that LW1's boyfriend has been contributing half towards her mortgage and she's just going to kick him out with nothing? He's been paying exactly the same amount of money as she has towards an asset, and she is going to recoup ALL of it? She wants to ditch him because he doesn't earn enough to support HER parents in their old age? Although apparently he does earn enough to pay half her mortgage each month. I'm sorry if this seems convoluted, but I can barely wrap my brain around this woman. Obviously she doesn't love him and should break up with him, but all this melodramatic, he'll NEVER be able to retire, I CANNOT be the sole bread winner bullshit...I think we all know that what she actually means is, he'll never be able to retire at 50 and take me on cruises, I cannot possibly be in a relationship where we split the bread winning equally.


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