On Not Like Most Girls

@idrathernot I read this while cringing at my teenage self.

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On Coming-Out Technology, Exiting the Girlfriend Zone, and the Lesbro Conundrum

I needed the response to LW4 today. Thank you.

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On Coming-Out Technology, Exiting the Girlfriend Zone, and the Lesbro Conundrum

@adorable-eggplant Yeah, I get the feeling the LW is NOT crazy. It sounds to me like the new lady friend likes the power she can hold over dudes, gay or no. It's pretty damned rude to befriend a guy and ignore his lady. And the fact that she's done it before makes it seem like a pattern. Some people just like being the center of attention.

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On The OkCupid Honesty Project: An Exercise in Truth-Telling

@Miss Maszkerádi I mean, I want to date you due to the crapping comment alone. Because while it's honest it also shows your sense of humor. And that's attractive.

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On The OkCupid Honesty Project: An Exercise in Truth-Telling


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On Things I Could Do with My Ped Egg Foot Shavings

Love it!

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On When a Man Writes a Woman

@eva luna I think GRRM has the best of intentions but doesn't get it totally right. They really course correct on the show. In the books I find Cersei to almost be a caricature, but she's a lot more human and nuanced on tv. Like in the book Shae is flippant about rape, while on the show she points out no woman would ever sleep with a guy immediately after being attacked.And there are definitely good girl/bad girl tropes. Like Cersei is being set up to be ultimately punished sexually but "that's ok because she's a bitch whore who deserves it." If that happens I'll be filled with rage. The female characters the GRRM likes seem to be as "safe" as can be in this universe.
I have many, many feelings on this subject.

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On What If Gwyneth Paltrow Is Merely a Mirror of Our Own Obnoxiousness?


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On Remembering Lilith: Fiona Apple

I remember the furor over Criminal. Silly because it was basically a CK ad and she was Kate Moss. Maybe the rage was over the fact that it was longer than 30 seconds? I felt stupidly protective of her after what she'd been through, and her exerting control over everything (including eating) seemed pretty natural to me.
Oh Fiona. I bet she had no idea she was paving the way for Britney and Christina.

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On Selfie Lovers Forced to Explain Themselves

@Stevie I take an occasional selfie but make them purposely hideous, as opposed to just regular hideous. I have a truly glamourous one on Instagram of me in a mud mask making duck face. I'm a master.

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