On Friday Bargain Bin Presents: Presents

@Hellcat I have a pinterest board just of jewelry for the express purpose of passing along to my hypothetical boyfriend some day. I'm just really picky about it!

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On Your Next Billion Dollars

Someone told me once that you could take really cheap vodka, run it through a Brita filter, and it would filter it the same way it does water and make it taste better, but I don't really care enough about vodka to go through that effort.

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On 1. They Hit a Bump

@Hammitt This seems like a thing you might know - over the summer, my friend's fiance recommended a non-fiction book to me about gay lumberjacks in Washington, but I can't remember the title, and it seems like googling that would just turn up a bunch of romance novels... which actually doesn't sound like a bad idea, but I still would like to read the serious one! Any thoughts?

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On Scientology and Me: Part One, Growing Up in the Church

This is really really wonderful, and I cannot wait for more parts!

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On How to Quit Smoking in One Easy Step: Get Pneumonia in a Hurricane

@Lush Life My mom did Chantix a couple of years ago, and while having to actually live with her during the time that she was on it was HELLISH, it really really was worth it in the long run. Yes it made her irritable, but you know what also makes people irritable? DYING.

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On Milk News

@Poubelle I will take organic lactose free milk over just regular Lactaid any day. Seriously, it tastes so much better.

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On Q&A With a Nutritionist, Part Two: The Reckoning

Does anyone have tips on getting more iron in your diet when you are a person who doesn't really like most foods that are rich in iron? I found out recently that I am pretty anemic, and I know that changing my diet would be a huge step in not feeling shitty and tired all the time, but most lists of food for anemics are like... lists of foods I don't like.

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On Q&A With a Nutritionist, Part Two: The Reckoning

@par_parenthese YEAH ENNEAGRAM. I'm a 5, so obsessively tracking things is TOTALLY up my alley. I'm also pretty obsessed with MBTI.

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On Q&A With a Nutritionist, Part Two: The Reckoning

@thelibrarianne When my gallbladder was all FUBAR, I never even connected it with food. I would have attacks in the middle of the night, so it never occurred to me that it would be food related! It wasn't until I had an attack so bad I had to go to the ER, got diagnosed, and then spent the next week until I could have surgery vomiting up every single thing I ate that the food issue even seemed relevant.
(Also, having a gallbladder that is FUBAR is a really efficient way to lose a lot of weight in a very short period of time, but it hurts like a MOTHERFUCKER.)

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On Throw This Party: Halloween

Liza Minelli in Cabaret, but only because I recently saw it on the big screen and realized, for the first time in my life, that all of the Kit Kat Club dancers have BEDAZZLED MERKINS on their shorts, and I think everyone should have an opportunity to bedazzle their crotch area.

Speaking of Halloween, does anyone know where I can buy some cute kitty ears for not a lot of $$? I don't want anything too anime-y or basic, but I also don't want to spend like $40 on a pair from etsy. ASOS had some really cute ones with rhinestones, but they are all sold out!

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