By olivebee on All the Emojis, Drawn

First of all: oh my god. I hope you drew these in chunks over a long period of time, because that would try my patience so much. Major kudos.

Second: my dad is a prototypical old-man-using-technology because he cannot send a single text message without using one or several emoji. All the cat ones are his favorites. He also ends all his texts with "Love Dad." Without the comma, it always makes me think of him as some sort of hippie - he's a "love dad."

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By Sunny Schomaker on The 1961 Birth of Negging, as Seen in "Go, Dog. Go!"

@Nicole Cliffe And you'll never guess the things you'll hide within these sleeves!

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By Nicole Cliffe on The 1961 Birth of Negging, as Seen in "Go, Dog. Go!"

You'll never guess how many compliments this cunning hat receives, jag!

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By baked bean on Win a Jim Behrle Valentine

I called out someone for being a racist today. They thought I was being mean, but I think that's pretty nice thing to do for everyone else that is not racist.

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By Oh, squiggles on Paging Clyde Bruckman

$5 for retin A? Damn, having health insurance sounds nice.

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By melmuu on Five OkCupid Messages That Made Me Want to Revise My Profile

I got a message from a polyamorous married guy who said "I was disappointed to note on your profile you are only willing to date single people. Can I at least take you out for a cup of coffee and explain how polyamory works?"
Like, Oh, I forgot to check the option "totally want to be polyamorous but too dumb to understand how it works, help!!"

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By RNL on Five OkCupid Messages That Made Me Want to Revise My Profile

Putting "if you identify as a feminist" in my "You should message me if" part of my profile has really cut down on the weirdos.

My FAVOURITE recent OKC story: I got a message saying "do you like milk with ice?" from some guy 5 years younger than me. It was weird, so I threw it in google. Turns out it's a PUA line, and this guy's entire profile was a copy from a PUA website.

I sent him the link and a "come on now" message. He wrote back "shh nobody is supposed to know". I sent him a shaming message and demanded that he start thinking of women like human beings and not like sheep that need to be herded and called him pathetic and pointed out that men who talk about "overcoming resistance to the f-close" are rapists.

He wrote back "You're right" and started telling me about how he likes this girl but he thinks she is playing him and how he doesn't know how to open up to her or be real without seeming lame.

I turned into his agony aunt. Can you believe that shit?

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By SarahP on The Mother's Kiss

When I saw the link and headline, I assumed it'd be talking about how your mom says "let me kiss it better" and then you actually do feel better.

Nope, grosser.

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By lora.bee on Stay-at-Home Dads and the Confrontation-Averse

@yeah-elle "They all adore him. They think he is a righteous dude."

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