On Does Your Mr. Right Treat You Wrong? Prove It.

Nowhere in the answers do they ever explain why you should send HIM a silly card when that jerk forgot your birthday!

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On Recipes


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On Every Culture Has Its Kreplach

Oh we have this too, only it's called Maori Fried Bread.

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On Jew Camp Confidential

My parents accidentally sent me to a Christian summer camp once. As in, Pentecostal Christian. It was a really confusing experience for me.

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On An Interview With Caitlin Moran

I think if you're opposed to people using abortion as birth control, then you don't really have a firm grasp of what abortion actually entails; it literally controls birth.

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On Interview With a Bat

@quatsch you just made the classic gag of confusing new zealanders for australians.

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On Texts From Sweet Valley High

Jessica Wakefield was always my favourite sociopath

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On The Eighteenth Generic Broadway Friday Afternoon Post

@I AM DIAPHENA what's more, there are TWO different Alan Carrs. The introduction of this third Al[l]an Carr has made everything confusing!

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On Your 2012 Baby Name Guide: Puritan Edition

Puritan baby names, or Lemony Snicket characters?

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On Pop Culture Recap 2012, Week One

...Jenna the Jezebel blogger?

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