On Women In Sports: Fight the Power Outage

Sports talk radio and talk tv has to be one of the worst things ever. In a totally different category from sports journalism, or at least it ought to be. Good piece.

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On Where (My) Girls At?

@WaityKatie She seems smart and funny and I will definitely give it a chance (missed the premiere but will on-demand it soon). But like I said, I'm not excited about the premise of this show. I'm really happy that Hollywood is finally greenlighting tv shows made by and about women. MORE PLEASE!

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On Where (My) Girls At?

I just have a problem getting excited about watching an insanely privileged 25 year old's show about being insanely privileged. I know these people IRL and they bother me.

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On Age Differences, Irrational Jealousy, and the Haircut

@b3k I was going to say, "Sometimes I actually go out of my way to make him jealous" is a recipe for no-good to come.

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On Amusingly Horrible Things Bosses Have Said: The Bracket

Urge to kill... rising

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On Best Exes, Excitement vs. Stability, and Gym Rules

@heyits Totally agree. As it was put to me while in a similar situation, there are chemicals running around in our brains muddling the difference between "being super high" and "being in love" - and it just so happens that those are the same chemicals that get activated during sex.

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On At the End of an Email, Everyone's a Valedictorian

Thanks, or Thanks. or nothing. or "xo" for friends. Is "xo" bad? It's just like real life. Awkward hug, peck on cheek.

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On Earthquake OPEN THREAD

@leon.saintjean seconding "I NEED TO DRINK NOW AND QUIT MY JOB"

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On "You were a Butthole Surfer?!"

@Manatee you've made out with malkmus? exsqueeze me?

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On Old Debt, New Surprises, and Cities "Literally Crawling" With Men

@Mandaline Just want to say, there is a responsible way to live slightly above your means with credit card debt. For those of us who have regular not-so-high paying jobs and have to spend most of our salaries on rent, it's a necessity. As long as the bills get paid, I don't see how putting occasional nice things on a credit card qualifies as spoiled and high maintenance.

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