On "Toilet Paper That Nice Deserves Respect"

suuuuch a waste of paper and energy. wouldn't it be really annoying and unsanitary to take the toilet paper out of a box every time you go to the bathroom?? i hate this!

here is a new development in tp technology that actually seems like a good idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PtgIVQNdvg
why hasn't anyone thought of this before?!

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On Tiny Women, Freakishly Large Men

this gallery makes me believe that maybe stephen merchant and little 5'1" me could get over our height difference and make it work.

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On Poetic Snacks to Eat at 10 p.m., in 1950

weird weird weird flavor combinations...gherkins and cocoa?!

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On Living With Breasts That Can Be Seen From Orbit

i know this is ridiculous, but reading stuff like this, by and about big-boobed ladies and their adventures of self-acceptance, makes feel like i'm missing out on a big (literally) important part of being a girl, namely having and dealing with breasts. i have this one bra at the back of my underwear drawer that i bought when i was 11...i don't still wear it, but i could. at age 21, my itty bitty titties barely fill out an A cup. not that i always hate that...flatchestedness has it's own pros, cons, and wardrobe difficulties. can't make cleavage. can't hold up anything strapless. string bikini tops just look deflated and sad like this: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/cIN6OFiDdYw/0.jpg. but i can exercise without boob-bouncing crossing my mind, a lot of clothes look awesome on me, and i still get hit on by guys (hotties and creeps alike).
all i'm saying is, we all have our body issues and we all should work on accepting/loving our bodies etc., but i still have days where i feel like a preteen boy and can't help wishing i had some great big melons of my own.

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On What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

did anyone else have "the american girls premiere" computer game??

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On People You Might Not Want to Have Casual Sex With

imagining liz lemon saying "that's a dealbreaker" after every one of those things

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