On Recreational Flirting and Other People's LDRs

@Lu2 I was going to say--besides sadness, it sounds like LW2 needs to let herself feel a little anger as well. If he was flirting with her for an entire summer before this encounter when he finally came out, that is pretty shitty.

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On 500 Days Alone In: The World

@christonacracker Pretty shocked that "How are you paying for this?" was not part of the interview.

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On Sex Phases, Red Flags, and "I Just Don't Think You'd Be a Good Parent"

#2 -- Are you "OVERthinking it?" I think you're underthinking it, lady.

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On That Baby Wants to Break You Up

@yrouttasight uh huh

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On Rejection, Bigotry, and Vanilla With Sprinkles

@charmcity I went to Catholic high school in a large, coastal city, and we had two gay male teachers and one lesbian teacher at our all-girls school while I was there. One of them was very popular with students, the other two were not particularly popular, but their popularity did not seem related to their sexual orientation. I would say their orientation was an "open secret," in that it was gossiped about, but we didn't discuss it with them. (This was in the mid '90s). I don't know if our school's administration was just more tolerant than the average Catholic school's. They were quite a few lesbian and bisexual students at our school who were out of the closet. I feel like LW2 could find a place for herself at a Catholic school, just as she has done within the religion itself. Why she wants to continue along in a religion that openly rejects gay people is my question...

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On Objectivism at Night

@Maryaed I'm entranced by Johnny Carson conducting a whole half-hour interview like he was Charlie Rose. This is a really neat clip.

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On Talking With My Exes' Exes


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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Short Dates

@Esther C. Werdiger I thought it said a pint of Beef Jerky! I had to go back up and re-read it. Pint of beef jerky would have been... much weirder.

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On The Mystery of the Barkley Marathon

An inordinate amount of IT guys attempt this race. Woot! IT guys.

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On Which Fascinator is the Prettiest?

@Elvis Costello's Spectacles Good--more #3 for me!

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