On Tips on Surviving Your Cancer

As a current cancer-thriver, I can totally second the facebook for necessary updates. Also, get over it, and let people take pictures. I have pictures of a bottle of betadine being poured on my head. Come'on it doesn't get better. But I avoided pics for a long time. Also... caringbridge.org is amazing. A commenter said that too.

Also SOME cancer patients GAIN weight because of the steroids that we're often put on. That happened to me. I've since lost it... but seriously... cancer, bald and fat. My autobiography right there. (Snarky sarcasm not optional).

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On What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

@AshleyT33 I had all 5 too... They're all still in really good condition for the most part. I never realized the rivalries either, I just played with them all. My mom would sew me matching outfits ... Felicitys blue dress still remains my favorite in my mind

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