On Coming Out 'Wholesale,' Emotional Affairs, and Crushing on Chicks Who Don't Dig Chicks

@kfizz Yes! My orientation shifts wildly (not with my cycle, just on it's own, blowing in the breeze). There are times when I feel exclusively drawn to women, and times when I feel drawn to men, and times where it's both/neither. But it doesn't affect who I love or care about, just who I fantasize about and who I seek out when I'm on the prowl. When I have a real-life person in front of me who I am in a relationship with (or share a connection with, even if we're not in a relationship), my orientation points to them.

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On Meet the Directors of Beats & Rhymes, the Extracurricular Rap Program Behind "Hot Cheetos & Takis"

I campaigned SO HARD to get this to be the song that my roller derby team skates out to during our intro, but I was beat by the possibly thematically more appropriate Brand New Key.

I still want to change my derby name to Snacks though. (I am known for always having delicious food.)

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On The Online Dating Lorem Ipsum Text Generator

This is missing the words "fun-loving" and "easy-going," words that appear in every dude's profile ever.

Seriously, dudes. Nobody hates fun, or claims to be uptight on their dating profile. You are not unique in your love for fun or your need to be perceived as carefree.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Cawendaw good to know! That sounds totally reasonable. Thanks for answering!

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On Friday Open Thread

@SarcasticFringehead so exciting! I pledged for the e-book, so I haven't got it yet. I can't wait!

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On Friday Open Thread

@all you guys, this is fantastic, thanks you!

@adorable-eggplant: do you think I would like Mindy Kahling's book even though I haven't seen any of her work? Does it work on its own?

@celeec4: I just started Welcome to Night Vale and I am so HOOKED.

@Cawendaw: how do they handle the footnotes in the audiobook version of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell? I read it years ago and would love to Hearst as an audiobook, but the footnotes were one of my favourite things, and it doesn't seem like they would translate well to audio? Also, thanks for the Anansi Boys rec, it's one of the few Gaiman books I haven't read because the plot seemed least appealing of all of them to me, but a good narrator is enough to entice me.

@YoungLeafedJune: will definitely check out those mysteries, thanks!

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On Friday Open Thread

Audiobook recommendations? I have a 30-minute commute each way and I am tired of listening to my own thoughts. I'm looking for easy reads with a bit of substance, but nothing that I'd have to do a lot of scanning back to look up important details for (hate doing this with audio).

Recently, I've enjoyed Where'd You Go, Bernadette, Who Could That Be At This Hour (Lemony Snicket), and Bossypants.

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On Lesbian Vocabulary, U-Hauls, and the Family That Comes Out Together

@keristars I have two sisters, and all three of us are some flavour of queer. My mom definitely thinks it must be something she did, which makes me sad and angry, and I wish she would stop trying to find the reason, like we're something she broke somehow. :(

But anyway, it is nice to have siblings who get it and who I can strategize with before family gatherings.

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On How Little Exercise Is "Enough" Exercise?

@garli Yes, thank you! I work out so that I can play roller derby. (Also because it helps me sleep better, but that is not as much of a motivator as wanting to have fun on my skates and body check people.)

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On 29 Recreational Wheeled Vehicles, by Sexiness

@gravie Thank you! Also a derby girl, and I'm kicking myself that I wasn't in the comments defending us on Monday.

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