On "Send your karaoke questions for Lindsey to karaokeconfessional AT gmail.com"

You Oughta Know. Every time.

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On An Interview With Nutella

@olivebee Nutella can be all the dick it wants because my discovery of Cookie Butter has rendered it essentially dead to me.

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On My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Man

The very same reason I'm obsessed with Evan Peters' character in American Horror Story? Probably.

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On Aight, BET

Idris Elba makes me incapable of loving anyone else fully.

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On Friday Open Thread

I'm having a pre law school crisis where all I want to do is listen to rap music, do my nails, and make DIY cutoff shorts. So that's what I'll be doing this weekend.

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On On Watching Disgusting Things Online

I am a voracious reader of true crime and horror stories. I google gross diseases and tragic occurrences and then do corresponding image searches, then wish I hadn't, then send friends and co-workers links to them. I'm constantly being scolded by people who would rather not have their days ruined by seeing before and after photos of facial transplants or brutal crime scenes. I do it because I want to know everything. But I mostly do it to force myself into realizing that these things are really going on somewhere out there. Because whether most of us realize it or not, we are generally incredibly desensitized to real crazy shit.

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On Which Came First: The Clean Chicken or The Egg Who Married Its Cousin?

This partly explains why I feel hate for everything my roommate does while I'm cleaning the kitchen and cursing her openly.

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On Subject Lines of Obama Campaign Emails That Sound Like a Stalker Wrote Them

@area@twitter I'd be more than happy to have Bill in my kitchen.

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On Friday Open Thread

My boyfriend and I got into our first sort of fight today trying to apartment search and even though the fight wasn't terrible awful and we made up quickly, it suuuucked. I couldn't even express how amazing the apartment was (EXPOSED BRICK! JACUZZI TUB!) because I was so annoyed. Moving stress is stressful. Let's hope make-up sex is on the agenda.

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On Last Week on HPV's Girls

I assume that was a Seinfeld belly button Hellooo!

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