On Welcome to the Prince Edward Islands

This is great! I have to admit though, I did think we'd be hearing from Nicole about the latest Anne of Green Gables controversy -- amazon.com's cover of a grown-up blonde Anne!

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On Flying the Other Classes

@The Lady of Shalott I got a bump-up on a flight from Toronto to London, England, in one of those fancy planes with the lay-flat bed. I fell asleep with the glass of champagne still in my hand at the gate, woke up long enough to flatten out my bed and then didn't wake up until the steward woke me up to see if I was okay hours later (in time for lunch! with cutlery!). That trip also included flying Emirates, where they give you meals and hot towels in coach.

Also, I live in Newfoundland and flying into/out of here is always such a crap shoot. It's nice you got the upgrade! :)

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On Canadian Heritage Moments

@srs Also, the House Hippo. Not sure if that is Canadian or not, but all of those things together are my childhood.

I clearly remember acting out the part of the Log Driver everytime that commercial came on tv.

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On Canadian Heritage Moments

You know that drinking game where part of it involves picking a category then going around the room until someone draws a blank/can't answer? Canadian Heritage Moments is my favourite category to call. THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD ONES!

"both of ye know I canno' read a word!" and then his hand curls into a fist on the table that turns into a painting. Love!

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On Sexy Argh!

Can someone who has read this explain how is it Twilight fanfiction?

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On How Gel Nail Polish Changed Manicures

@Katie Heaney & al:

Thanks! Lots of good tips here. Where would one purchase Seche Vite? I live in Newfoundland, Canada, so I order a lot from Sephora (or buy a lot when on vacation elsewhere).

Vaseline on the nails sounds like a great way to keep the cuticles moisturized. I like it!

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On How Gel Nail Polish Changed Manicures

Not being able to change the colour is what has kept me away from gel nails. But I love the idea of chip free, as I've been having manicure issues recently.

The problem I am having with my nails recently is that they take FOREVER to try. I'm talking hours.

I do a basecoat, two layers of colour and a topcoat. All OPI, all relatively new. I give about 20 minutes between each layer and try to avoid smudging for a few hours later. It seems perfectly dry when I go to bed a few hours later, but the next morning I'll wake up with little dent marks (cross-hatch looking things) and less shine. What am I doing wrong? Are my coats too thick? Is there a trick for setting the polish that I don't know about?

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On Five of Cups

@Jolie Kerr What's wrong with the tower?! I had my cards read a a friend's baby shower and it came up.

But I felt like it was the worst (as in out of tune with my life) reading I've had. At the end, when I really had nothing to validate what he was telling me, he was basically like "well, you're pretty logical and masculine. You're probably just not in tune with your spiritual side."

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On The Cat-Eye Tutorial

@velcrosneakers Just try to keep it inside the (tape) lines to avoid any unnecessary wastage!

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On The Cat-Eye Tutorial

@Renleigh This was my problem and it was on a previous Hairpin thread that I managed to solve it. It was mainly my mascara causing the issue and pinners recommended the L'Oreal Volume Million lashes. It's definitely helped my undereye area, but my liner will still sometimes migrate down below. Primer (I use Urban Decay) does help that.

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