On Menstrual Cups: Are They for You?

@lolita I have the Mirena IUD and my period (a year after insertion - ew) is virtually non-existant. I didn't have crazy periods before, just normal (whatever that means), but now it's maybe a day or two of the super tiny no-way-this-absorbs-anything tampons and voila!

Now, the Para-Guard is a whooooole other story. The Mirena is plastic and has low-dose progesterone rolled into it (turns your uterus into a seriously egg/sperm-hostile environment, like Russia in winter) but the Para-Guard is your standard copper doohickey and often times does make your period heavier.

Plus, it ends up being a million times cheaper than regular birth control. Mine cost me my office visit copay and that's it!

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On What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

I had Kirsten and Samantha (well actually, when I say *had* I mean they are still at my parents house awaiting our joyful reunion someday) growing up and my sister had Molly. Felicity didn't come around until both of us were a bit too old for them. Sad, since we're both gingers, but what can you do?

Anyway, Kirsten was my fave (I actually liked her Christmas dress - whatever that says about me) and I think this is pretty spot-on. I *do* love to craft, *could* survive an apocolypse, and was happy to learn that wearing thick knitted sweaters with reindeer motifs was suddenly cool again. Molly's pretty close for my sister too. Awful at math, sarcastic, still a little peeved that she got shackled with the nerd doll, and still wants attention (though she'd never admit it).

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