On Friday Open Thread

@supernintendochalmers I like Tarte's. I wear Agent...04? Facade? Because I am also fairly super pale.

BB Cream didn't work for me, but I only tried Clinique's.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Kikimora My immediate reaction as a librarian who is currently finishing a temp position without secure employment (yet) is....DO NOT GET AN MLS. But then I take a breath.

Look at other visual resource librarian job descriptions? Do they require MLSes? The ones I've seen have not.

Is there an in-state MLS program? How much does it cost? Do not be me. Do not go into debt for this degree.

What kind of work are you doing? Is a degree that focuses on research methods, classification methods, information architecture, and information literacy going to help you further it?

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On Friday Open Thread


The interview that went awesomely last week was followed by an assessment test I did last weekend. It involved numerical logic. I flashbacked to high school and college and the math anxiety reared it's head. BUT I GOT THROUGH IT. And I have the final interview next Thursday.

I am trying not to dance at work.

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On A Cheap and Colourful Meal for Four, With Leftovers

@cosmia When I lived in Madison, the best local pizzeria sold a Fetalicious pizza. It remains the thing I miss most about my graduate school days.

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On A Cheap and Colourful Meal for Four, With Leftovers

You had me at feta. You ESPECIALLY had me at TONS OF FETA. I will eat that stuff by itself. I toss it into tomato soup in an effort to recreat Pret's tomato and feta soup (THAT THEY STOPPED SELLING IT'S LIKE THEY HATE ME)

I have a lot of strong feelings about feta.

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On Interview With a Bedbug

@iknowright This is true, because they went after my roommate and then consoled themselves with me after she moved out.

Months, guys. Months, the landlord did NOTHING, I spent way too much on Sterifab, and I still compulsively check my mattress and pillows in an entirely different city.

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On Friday Open Thread

@pterodactgirl I forgot J.Crew somehow, despite the fact that their No. 2 pencil is my favorite skirt (I have it in orange tweed.) They are scary expensive, though. I browsed the website for a new suit, since I'm interviewing again, and forgot what breathing was for a second.

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On Friday Open Thread

@highfivesforall Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Anthropologie (ON SALE) for slightly quirky pretty things, and Rue La La forever.

Not that I shop a lot or anything.

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On Friday Open Thread

So last Tuesday I got a phone call from my temp agency to let me know that my contract was ending on April 19. This was, shall we say, unexpected. The next day my on-site boss, who I will call Mary for anonymity purposes, came and asked if my temp consultant had called me. It was a spate of passive-aggressiveness straight out of Office Space, which I have come to accept is less of a comedy and more of a documentary.

There probably would have been ugly sobbing in this space last week, except I had Good Friday off and forgot this was here.

HOWEVER, thanks to panicked job hunting directly after finding this out, I had a phone screening on Friday, that led to an in-person interview with a recruiter on Monday, which led to an interview for an amazing job; a management position in my field. An interview that I rocked so hard that I've moved onto the next step in the hiring process. Potentially, if I get this job, I will finally be in the position I've been trying to get in for three years, and it wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for that heartstopping moment last week.

Fuck yeah, serendipity?

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On Friday Open Thread

@Scandyhoovian This happens to me all the time. I mean, I basically conduct my life on the internet, but if I want to do anything, I can't go on tumblr. Tonight, for example, I need to clean my apartment in preparation for a parental visit. No tumblr until the dishes are done.

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