On The Best Time I Found Out I Had HPV

@claire-de-lune I totally had a similar experience with an ex-boyfriend, except not with HPV. He gave my gonorrhea. I messaged him via facebook (after not talking to him since we broke up 9 months prior...) and told him that I had been diagnosed with gonorrhea. I was a virgin when we got together, and didn't sleep with anyone else after we broke up, so it's not like there's any guessing about where I got it from. I made sure he knew that. I told him to tell all the girls he'd slept with that he had it (because there's no way he didn't have it if I did.)

Within 15 minutes of sending him that message, I received a phone call from mutual friend who told me that he was crying like a baby, telling everyone that I was being the meanest bitch in the world.
The next day, he told my friend to tell me that if I ever contact him again, he will get a restraining order because every time I talk to him, it makes him so sad that he wants to kill himself.

Yeah, don't date whiney boys. They make for terrible boyfriends and for even more terrible ex-boyfriends.

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On The Best Time Someone Dumped Me to Be on Reality TV

I MUST know... which season was Bro on? I have to watch, just so I can see for myself what you are talking about. :) Sorry, I'm a tad bit nosy.

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On Living With Breasts That Can Be Seen From Orbit

I can't even imagine how much you've gone through. My boobs are not nearly that big, but I still, almost daily, wish they were just a little smaller. Being 5 feet tall, I think that makes my 34D boobs look just that much larger. But, I gotta say, I am so blessed to have a boyfriend (someday, husband) who simultaneously likes my boobs (that's especially helpful when I really hate them and am wishing for an A cup) and tells me that even though he likes my boobs, he loves me no matter what my boobs look like. It's empowering, but I still wish I could wear some freaking spaghetti straps. Or find a dress that fits me on top and bottom. Or wear a bikini.

Also, as far as these stores that supposedly sell bathing suits that fit like bras specifically for larger breasted women, where the hell are they? You'd think that, since I live on the beach in Florida, these places would be everywhere, but not so much. I went to the beach last week, but didn't wear a bathing suit because all the ones I own make me look like a freaking porn star. As a mostly modest person, looking like a porn star is not an appealing thought.

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On What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

I must be weird because I actually wanted Molly, but my mom liked Samantha, so I told her that I liked Samantha too. So, I ended up with a Samantha when I actually wanted a Molly. I think, in part because I was deprived of my Molly, I now have a slightly unhealthy obsession with all things WW2. I also had a Josephina (she was the first one I got) because we visited Mexico and I loved Mexico. And I had a make-your-own doll, who was Asian. I liked her because we lived in Japan for 3 years. I named her Mei Ling.

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