On What the Hell Should You Do With Your Life?

Love this. Waiting for it to be published in zine form so that I can pass it down to my children some day with a stern warning to keep their expectations ankle-low.

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On Scrub?

@chrysopoeia This A Lady has got to be Mary H.K. Choi, right? I feel like I'd recognize her steez anywhere.

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On What Happened When I Tried to Read a Whole Book

@Countess Maritza "Once an attention span is destroyed, it's gone forever." This is the single most horrifying sentence I have ever read. IS THERE NO HOPE FOR ME?

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On "Toward what island-home am I moving"

Sometimes I forget about poetry. Then I unexpectedly read some in the middle of my morning semi-panicked blog- and email-fest, and my brain goes quiet and, like the poet said, "wide." Thanks for that much-needed bit of rest/wonder this morning!

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On A Letter to My Future Black Baby

"The future is going to be a stressful place full of loud Regis Philbin clones, so we need all the preparation we can afford."

The rest of the article was hilarious, but this sentence was just sad and frightening, because it is probably true. The future is grim.

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On Save the Date*

@slutberry That happened to me, too! Venue was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. Plus, a month before that happened, I lost my engagement ring! Luckily there was no third sign, so I married him anyway, Reader, and we celebrated our 2nd anniversary a few months ago.

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On Test Page 6

Love this post!

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On Kerri Kenney-Silver Could Read Us the Phone Book

"I think you should read my book, Coping with Blindness."
"Is it in Braille?"
"No, it's not in Braille. It's in ENGLISH, the language of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA."

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On Kerri Kenney-Silver Could Read Us the Phone Book

@melis Don't worry. I think all the State cultists went out to see it.

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On Kerri Kenney-Silver Could Read Us the Phone Book

@dracula's ghost THE STATE. The gift that keeps on giving. Also, as long as we're talking about everything that was birthed from the State, does anyone remember Viva Variety? Mr. Laupin and the former Mrs. Laupin! Your cool-ass pal Johnny Bluejeans!

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