On What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

whoa.... i have a long, long, long relationship with Pleasant Company (does anyone remember that this was the original company that published the catalogues or just nerd me?) and AG -- something like a good 10 years from 5 to 15. my really dedicated years were btwn 9 and 14 though: subscription to the magazine [with the awesome "real girl" paper dolls and their family histories!], a saved-for Felicity with matching summer outfits and a straw-hat i made myself bc they didn't sell her amazing hat in my size, the Historical Club (didn't quite complete all the projects), and some of the Girl of Today stuff (slumber party kit and sleeping bag!!).

I loved the Revolutionary period for the elegance and manners so Felicity was my first choice. but for those reasons, Samantha was a close second and i actually had her nightgown in my size (the high ruffly neck was itchy too!). The quiz says I'm a Kit -- I guess for my flexible personality?? Anyhooo, when I finally visited Williamsburg at 21 (my dad now lives nearby) I was still giddy and I fantasized about being one of the "living history" characters.

And yes, the majority of my things (besides the Girl of Today stuff which got handed down to my sis) are patiently waiting to be bestowed on future daughters. AG for LIFE!!!!
p.s. Can't believe they have "archived" the original characters!

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