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@Alli525 if it is Hogan, it's heel Hogan, ie Hollywood or Japan stints.

But no, I was pretending to be Chris Hemsworth, as I do each and every day in front of the mirror, once my roommate leaves for work.

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By queenofbithynia on "The Logic of Stupid Poor People," Or, the Only Thing Worth Reading About the Barneys "Shopping While Black" Arrests

Having to make the status argument, although it makes perfect sense, is strange to me -- strange that it should be a necessary defense against this attack -- because I've always heard poor people criticized for their/our stupidity in not buying high-quality luxury personal goods. You know -- it's so so dumb to buy a $30 pair of pleather boots from payless/Goodwill that won't last a season when you should be smart and buy a $400 pair made out of real leather that's resoleable and a cobbler can keep going for you for the rest of your natural life, because that would be cheaper in the long run. And then you have to patiently explain that you are not dumb and you do actually know that nice things are nicer than not-nice things, and the reason you buy the shitty personal good is not because you have no impulse control or taste or sense of wastefulness, but because you don't have $400 goddamn dollars and you do need something to put on your feet right now, today.

and likewise, a super fancy belt or bag from a high-end manufacturer is exactly the kind of "investment piece" that I thought we were all supposed to be scraping and saving for instead of buying the disposable garbage that is all many of us can afford. I thought that was an example of the counterintuitive thriftiness of the deserving rich, that they had the cleverness to throw money at accessories because Quality Lasts. I mean, not that poor people would do this simply because rich people do it, but that rich people do it because it is actually a worthwhile thing to do, when you can.

& even though I am not poor these days in the sense that serious people mean it, I have similar spending habits for similar reasons, and I absolutely would drop a thousand dollars on a single bag or pair of boots, if I ever had a thousand dollars handy, because that's a smart fucking thing to do.

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By peasofmind on bell hooks on Sheryl Sandberg's "Faux Feminism"


You know, sometimes I think that feminists aren't allowed to publicly disagree with each other without people regarding that disagreement as a strike against feminism, and viewing the disagreement as petty female bickering and "bitch slapping" instead of just a disagreement about some very complex ideologies.

I don't think bell hooks's criticism is at all unwarranted--Sandberg seems to be promoting a brand of "feminism" (I'm also inclined to call it "faux feminism") that rejects third-wave ideas about intersectionality and second-wave ideas about patriarchal paradigms and capitalism. I really believe that any version of feminism that is essentially self-interested and so accepting of existing patriarchal structures is worthy of some critical discussion.

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By lucy snowe on bell hooks on Sheryl Sandberg's "Faux Feminism"

@WorldofSass I've read the larger part of hooks's article, and I haven't gotten the sense of it being a "bitch slap" at all. In fact, hooks explicitly addresses the rage and envy aimed Sandberg's way after her publishing success, and talked about it being a real shame-- in the sense that Sandberg may have been targeted simply because of her success.

My sense of what I've read so far of hooks' critique is that she thinks Sandberg is promoting a vision of feminism that overlooks and excludes women of color and women who are poor. And she's frustrated by the fact that Sandberg is promoting playing within the white male patriarchy ruleset to get ahead, instead of finding ways to break that down.

Maybe hooks is naive on that last point. Maybe she would have been publishing bestsellers for the last twenty years if she'd "acted nice." She's managed to be pretty damn influential, regardless.

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@stuffisthings hahahahahah STOPPPPPP this works every time

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By stuffisthings on A Majority of Americans All of a Sudden Like, "Hey, Weed's Pretty Cool"

Jia you posted this yesterday.

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By shiv on "How feminism became capitalism's handmaiden—and how to reclaim it"

God, yes, finally. Dominating the current system should not be the goal of the oppressed, it will only serve to oppress someone else. Our system was not built for equality. We need to be the ones to overturn it entirely.

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@Jenn@twitter Or take along the buzzer from your favorite board game (taboo has one that makes a nice bzzzzt sound) and be ready to use it. ;)

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@meetapossum Cool. You'll look like human scrimshaw!
ETA- That sounded way more creepy then I meant it.

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@Shara Uplifting!

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