On It's Jaya!

My boyfriend moved to Queens in November and in a few short months I am convinced that it is the greatest place on earth. But I live in North Carolina, so what do I know?

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On Gilmore Dogs

this is really super.

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@shannanigans seconded

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On An Introductory Journey Through Blake Lively's Lifestyle Website

I'm glad it existed for as long as it took you to write this.

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On New Birkenstock Styles for Summer

this is very spectacular

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On Somewhere Between Fantasy and Reality: A Tribute to Loehmann's

in my corner of suburban minneapolis there was a Loehmanns in a strip mall that my mom and I went to frequently in the mid 90s. my mom had the credit card and we would get wonderful coupons in the mail and go get lost for a few hours. it was my first experience with designer clothes. We showed up one day with a stack of coupons on the verge of expiring and the Loehmanns was gone. no going out of business sign, no mailings, nothing. Just and empty storefront with not a hint of what used to be there. We were so sad! I remember sitting stunned in the parking lot and my mom finally making some comment about how she should probably cancel her credit card. For a long time I actually thought that ours was the only Loehmanns in the universe.

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@TheLetterL hunter gatherers don't have jobs - duh.
wait! if you simulate hunting behavior by riding your bike to the fish store maybe you can also simulate hunting behavior by not paying for the fish?

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@zayetz because hunter gatherers only kept condiments in the refrigerator.

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from the comments:

"Humans evolved to live under feast-or-famine conditions, and are optimized for hunter-gatherer behavior and consumption of lower calorie density foods, and foods containing higher proportions of indigestible materials than the modern diet.

The modern environment and lifestyle short-circuits these neuro-endocrine and other self-regulatory mechanisms.

Restoring a healthy balance may in some cases require restructuring the lived environment to more closely reflect conditions that humans are better adapted for.

Examples of such practices include:

Don't keep any food at home. Empty out the kitchen & refrigerator; keep only spices, condiments, etc.

Set aside time to 'forage' daily for fresh fruits and vegetables. Only purchase small quantities of food for consumption that same day.

Take a small backpack and ride a bike to stores that are far enough away that food shopping always requires a 20-30 minute aerobic workout -- simulating 'hunting' behavior. Purchase quantities that fit in the backpack.

Don't shop at grocery stores or supermarkets -- shop only at fruit stands, bakeries, fish/meat markets. Don't shop anywhere prepared foods are sold.

Consume lower caloric density foods; consume fruits/vegetables with high proportions of undigestible materials like cellulose, etc.

Don't get stuck in a rut -- try to mimic feast-or-famine conditions. Eat meals of varying sizes on an irregular schedule. Alternate the pattern -- eat a big meal on one day, small snacks the next."

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On A Perfect Meal for Two

@parallel-lines I grew up in Minnesota. now I live on the east coast and I miss riverfood every day. Walleye FTW!

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