On Not a Fever Dream

@elizabeast I would absolutely LOVE to have that discussion. And the Torkelsons spinoff (reboot?) Almost Home w/ Brittany Murphy?

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On Ask a Clean Person: Sweat, Dye, Must, and Onions

RE: Hair dye of any color

When for most colorfast surfaces, putting level 40 developer right on the stain should lift it. Works for tile, counters, bath tubs... your white painted bathroom... can you tell I have this problem a lot?

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On That Gizmodo/OkCupid Story

@Ham_Snadwich just got told. Sorry, employees of Gawker Media!

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On What to Do If You Ask Someone to Get Plastic Surgery, But It Goes Wrong and You Stop Loving Her

@Hot mayonnaise "Hey,sweetie, can you pick me up a soda on your way home from work? Oh, and really - no pressure at all and I MEAN THAT, if you could just maybe consider getting a nose job. Just a little pinch here and there on the ol' bird. And as I said, no pressure. Just consider it. And don't forget my soda. Or the nose job. LOVE YOUUUUUUUU"

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On How to Not Sleep With Bartenders 2.0

Wait. wait. This got you BANNED from a BAR by the BARTENDER? Wouldn't he be the one that over-served your friend!??!?! Sorry, I am pretty serious about bartenders who over-serve and then get all pissy when you are too drunk to be in a bar. Um, not from personal experience, or anything.

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On Real Proposal Stories

We had talked about being married and getting engaged so we just figured that it would be a thing. We got a ring, so we were technically engaged.We broke the news to everyone else when my fiance changed his status to "engaged" on facebook following a post that said "Laura is feeding me pizza so I can keep playing video games! She's a keeper!"

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On What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

@Titania My mom fell for it and bought me one- Effectively, I had two Samantha dolls.

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On Ask a Spider

I am keeling over with that slient, shaky, at-work style laughter. Oh wow. Nice job, Spider.

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