By nonvolleyball on Stories Like Passwords

"An abusive relationship is a closed loop. So is a professional network. So is the patriarchy."

...that floored me (& it takes a lot for a line to stand out in this generally flawless piece). thank you.

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By eliz_s on Nickelodeon's Diversity "Problem" Is That It Likes Diversity

Would watch a marathon of John Cho Standing Around Being Really Attractive.

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By adriana on Nickelodeon's Diversity "Problem" Is That It Likes Diversity

"Mindy Kaling would be the Shonda Rhimes, Shonda Rhimes would be the Aaron Sorkin, and Aaron Sorkin would be just some dude watching from home."

What a beautiful world.

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By LilRedCorvette on Friday Open Thread

@farowl I've hidden/"hidden" my tattoos from my parents for...four years? So, I guess when you ask if anyone's ever "dealt" with it, the answer is "NOT ME!"

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By yeah-elle on Friday Open Thread

@RoxxieRae I think one of the great things about the show (I'm only 3 episodes in, disclaimer) is that it's not morally extremist in its portrayal of characters. Like, it make a pretty good point that there is no such thing as "keep your head down and stay out of trouble" in prison culture. That being said, Piper is occasionally a total snot. Saying something like "the food here is terrible" would still have been incredibly rude, even if she hadn't accidentally said it in front of the chef.

I do think it's kind of a bummer that, despite the show giving a wide variety of lady characters screentime, backstory, fleshed-out personalities, etc, we still go into the show through the kind of audience-avatar of Piper. Like, even if we get to see the backgrounds, the stories, of these other women, in the end we see the story primarily through the lens of, surprise, surprise, the blonde white lady. That the whole way this thing was made at all is that a blonde white lady went to prison and found a way to benefit from it. Like, I'm glad the show was made, that it's women-focused. But still.

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By iceberg on Friday Open Thread

Bergy Bits, why are you crying this week?

My sister whacked me in the head with a Duplo tower

I'm stuck between the couch and the armchair (and I don't go in reverse)

You tried to help me put my shoes on. MONSTER.

You started coloring a small area of the drawing I demanded you do for me Now I have to furiously scribble it into obliteration

Random Advice (No Ask A Bergy Bit this time, sorry everyone - we had a rough week)
No eat the poop
No push the table
Hush! That! Noise!

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By katiemcgillicuddy on Friday Open Thread




NFL training camp is finally here! RGIII won't be playing in the pre-season, which, fantastic. We'll see you week one, Eagles fans.

Bron Bron is going back to Cleveland, just you wait. Talk about the prodigal son returning. Jesus.

Just, I don't even know, I'm all over the place right now. Sports!

Tell me about your fucking awful/wonderful teams, guys!!

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By yeah-elle on Friday Open Thread

What are you looking forward to in the future? I've realized that I really need plans (of any sort, not necessarily social, but like, even plans to reorganize my closet! plans to get another tattoo! plans to get brunch this weekend!) to manage any potential...existential despair.

Anyway: I bought a ticket to see Neko Case in September! Yessssss

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By Emby on Friday Open Thread

@dephlogisticated ?

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By Helvetica on Friday Open Thread

I recently decided to start watching Veronica Mars because I read so much about the up-coming movie and really wanted to know what all the fuss is about. And ohmy, I do love it so! I don't know if it's 'so 2007' to talk about a show which ended six years ago but I just have so many feelings. The intrigue! The snark! The epic love! The heart and soul in every word!
So, yeah, I'll just be in my corner, crushing over Kristen Bell who is everything. Everything.

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