On Friday Open Thread


May be religious.... but the most open kind of religious without all the god/jesus/allah/yaweh talk is Unitarian Universalist churches. A bunch of my inter-denominational friends have used them for wedding ministers because they tend to be more spiritual and open than many other places. (Just to note, yes I am a UU, but also an atheist and it's always been fine!)

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On The BRCA Gene, Our Mother, And Our Insurance Plans: A Chat Between Sisters

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That is truth.... I am a graduating medical student and anytime over the age of 50 or 60 when I have s known condition or whatever, they will not be allowed to touch me. I think for many doctors, after a certain age your body cannot take the abuse of CPR! And also, more doctors are okay with the idea that people pass away and many times it is the family holding on a little too tightly to have every single thing done, occasionally as what we would see as quality of life.

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On Friday Open Thread

Hi! I'm a medical student who graduates in three weeks.... Holy goodness gracious, but I can help! And because I am so close to graduating they aren't trying to kill me with hours, yet....!!

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On Knocked Up, Knocking Back

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Just the plasma!

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On How to Fail for a Month, Year, or Decade and Be Okay


Cutivate New Vices as recommended above... become a regular at a Karaoke bar, take up stitch and bitch knitting group, join a bowling league. Pot?
You can pick your own poison

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On Depression, Mothers-in-Law, Friendzones

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I totally agree... You have been in this relationship for so long that you might not realize how much better it can get out there. I've been in those "friend-zoned" relationships until that one drunk night when we changed the relationship and it still didn't work. He broke my heart because he was being honest with me at the beginning, he couldn't fall in love with me even if he liked who I was. And that sucked and hurt, but He was being HONEST and I should have listened and gotten out.
You owe it to yourself to find other activities and you owe it to your friend to give him space to find love as well. It's been long enough that if it was going to happen, it would have happened.

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On If '90s Dude-Crushes Were Food

CAMP NOWHERE! Holy good lord I love that movie... especially at the end where they fake all the different camps. I just delurked to get all excited about that!

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On Okay, Who's Refusing to Take Michael Wolff's Reservations?

How does some random Pinot Gris that I bought because I liked the label sound? I'll be there at 8....

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On The Best Things Christian Women Told Me About Sex This Year

That's what I continue to be sooo baffled about in our society as whole... We have all these "secret" things that everyone does but the overall social standard is that you aren't supposed to be doing them. Especially with sex.
I find this fascinating and would be really interested in what all the interviewers are teaching their children? Are they approaching the boys and girls differently? Are they being honest about not having waited? (not that I really would have ever asked my parents that... but both of them had a previous marriage going into their current one, so I can already answer that question for myself...)

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On The Jellyfish 4-Ever

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Oooh, Homemade chicken noodle soup sounds delicious and super-homey!

I do get slightly upset when we do have a "traditional" year and they want to change something too... until i can create my own christmas, the last one must be exactly the same as all the others!!! Rawr.

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