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@like a rabid squirrel
As a UU who just checked out the UU church in my new area, I wish you luck! It's a cool place and every single church is different.... but finding the young adult group at my last church revolutionized my life and gave me access to soo many people outside of my field and reminded me constantly how much greater the world outside of my hyper-focused world was!

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On Friday Open Thread

Hey - I used to work in Orthopedics quite a bit and this is one of the most common surgeries we performed.
As from a doctor stand-point, it is one of the lesser complicated surgeries, but it's still surgery, albeit if it is someone that does quite a few of them, you should be in great hands because they do not require too much technical work, just good understanding of anatomy.
As far as recovery? It's actually not terrible, you should still be able to use your fingers, however they may be in a brace, making it mildy uncomfortable. Everyone heals at slightly different rates but most of our patients felt around 100% by week 6? And make sure you do the PT/Exercises they give.... I know it feels stupid and ridiculous but it does help!!

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On "Nipples on a C or D-cup can accelerate up to 45 mph in one second, faster than a Ferrari"


I SECOND the ENELL Sports bra.... as an FYI I'm a 34-WAY OVER DD and I play ultimate frisbee.

I also like my new Shock Absorber bra! Not quite as supportive, however much more adorable if I have to change my jersey from white/dark on the sidelines..

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Can I be honest that I thought my anti-anxiety drugs and a few very, very supportive friends were better than my therapist? Granted - I was going through one extremely bad section of life that I think explained why I hated everyone as opposed to being clinically depressed (I still laughed and found some things fun to do but the future was bleak, bleak, bleak) and I felt like my therapist wanted me to be depressed but she just couldn't quite put me in a box...
But don't be afraid to therapist shop.... or look for alternate kinds of therapy, you might love cognitive therapy as opposed to talk therapy, or group therapy!! Or you could do the therapist workbooks on your own......There is definitely no one right way!!

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I have been using BC for four years, and I try to have my period once every three-four months and it works fine for me...
2 things to remember - depending on how old you are, you may have lost fertility just due to natural aging (Sorry everyone, no one is as fertile at 30-35 as they were at 16-18)
And also it may not tak long to regain fertility - one of my friends figured it would take a few months to get pregnant and she wanted to start trying right after her wedding so she stopped a little early and ended up 3 months pregnant at the wedding!!

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On This Wedding Season, Say Yes to Strangers: What I Learned From My Craigslist Date

@drydenlane Yup, It's called "The Wedding Date" if I remember correctly.... and Dermot Mulruney (Sp??) is the guy....

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@Miss Maszkerádi TAKE THE BREAK!!! I did it after my first year of med school and I think it made my life way better.
I love the Sims. I like controlling peoples choices (Goodness help any future children)
I also like the card games and the geoguessr game on the internet.

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Not to worry you or anything, but you could be developing a fibroid that is messing with your system, mayeb if it continues for a little while you bring it up at your yearly?
But yea, my friends and I were talking about that recently and weird things have been happening the last year for a few of us, most of us think it's the crazy stress from grad school, but maybe it's just being 25-28?

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On Friday Open Thread

I know I am super, super late in posting (and very lamely on a saturday night)
but I graduated!

Now I have to add letters to my signature everytime and I'm freaking out!!

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