On Ask a Jeweler: A Beginner’s Guide to Pearls

Did everyone already know that rich people liked to wear strands of mummified parasites around their necks or was this a surprise to the rest of you too? I had no idea it was a parasite in there originally, somehow I thought maybe a bit of sand might accidentally get trapped or something. Plus those cartoons, A+.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Toilets, Ovens, and the Importance of Rubber Gloves

If I can say anything about cleaning (having also done it for other people in their own sometimes less than spotless homes) MOTHERFUCKING GLOVES LADIES. I don't understand people who don't have a number of pairs...a must for dishes so you don't boil your delicate fingers and ruin your skin and it makes scrubbing gross things seem slightly less gross. I even have disposable gloves for quick gross tasks, such as when the cat tries to eat something and a) throws it up or b) leaves a mangled pile of tiny animal pieces. It beats papertowels and compulsive, teary handwashing hands down.

Also, have to agree to disagree on the dishwashing front - I am a perfectionist/organising freak and have to do things one at a time, but do also do all like items together. I hate people dropping dirty stuff into the water whilst I'm washing (stupidest pet hate ever, but it soooo gets to me) and also hate swirling my hands around trying to find stuff under the bubbles. Though, I also hate hand drying stuff, so maybe I just have dishwashing problems.

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On What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

As an Australian lady it's so funny to read this because American Girl Dolls are almost this rite of passage in many girls' lives in the US, but obviously they don't exist here and there is absolutely no equivalent. Yet, thanks to spending a fair chunk of time in the USA as a girl, I ended up with my own doll. I even made mum take me to the giant AG store in Chicago, which blew my mind. I was so excited about her, but when I brought her back home to Aus none of my friends could relate at all. To this day I kind of feel bummed that no-one will ever understand why it's not just some doll I picked up on my travels as a little one, but dude it's a piece of American girly pop culture!

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