On A Life in Celebrity Encounters

@kristenpdx Ha, I was reading this thread thinking, "Shit, man, I pretty much haven't seen any 'famous' people except local celebrities like TV newscasters and politicians and people in bands and stuff." But those people in bands include Isaac Brock so...

I hate that though, when you KNOW there's some ~famous~ person in the area and you're like c'mon man just come into this coffee shop so I can stare at you and not say anything while trying really hard to show that I'm cool and not impressed and then I can tell people about the time I saw you every time the subject of "brushes with celebrity" comes up...

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On Other People's Kids, Homes

@par_parenthese Well said. I'm glad you brought up that generalization aspect of it. I've never felt a desire to have kids and I resent being told that (as a woman, especially) I should feel this desire. But saying you don't like kids feels...weirdly discriminatory? Kids are people, and if you live in the world you have to deal with people and some of those people may be kids. I mean, if the LW wants to disallow kids in her home, she's within her rights (and if she wants to ban these kids and their parents based on the experiences she described, I don't think many people would blame her), but she has to accept that telling her friends who have kids that the kids aren't welcome at her house will have repercussions (presumably, that those friends with kids will be insulted, and with good reason).

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On I Want to Believe: Discovering the Inner Scully

I love this. I'm almost ten years older than the author (ie, a dry, shriveled corpse) and what really resonated for me was the thought of "allowing yourself to be a work in progress, to try thinks [sic; sorry Hairpin but I'm not taking responsibility for that typo] you’re terrible at, to get obsessed with things and show your undignified enthusiasm to the world." I'm a grown-ass woman (as they say in today's parlance) and I like being one--I've always felt much older in some ways than many of my peers--but I'm prone to obsessively loving things and ideas in a way that sometimes seems extravagantly and embarrassingly teenager-y to me and I kind of wish I didn't judge those feeling so harshly, you know?

And LoBaLMing is one of my favorite things. I feel like I've been doing it more lately and I really relish it.

Also, am I the only one who had to look up "tardigrade"?

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On Other People's Kids, Homes

@mmmcheese ME TOO. "Sidewalk's for regular walkin' not for fancy walkin'!"

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On "Sitting to Death"

"Personalizing it??" <3 u, Edith.

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On Why Do NPR Reporters Have Such Great Names?

@Mila Not to be annoying, but I just looked it up and it's Snigdha Prakash (I thought it sounded more like how @stonefruit's interpretation). Still great though, and I love the name Mandalit del Barco as well!

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On Why Do NPR Reporters Have Such Great Names?

@rallisaurus There's an NPR show called "To The Point" with a host named Warren Olney that plays on my local station, and for several years I thought his first name was "Mormit" because I swear to god it sounded like that's what he was saying.

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On Why Do NPR Reporters Have Such Great Names?

@cuminafterall A reporter on one of the local NPR stations around here is named Bellamy Pailthorp, which I always thought was kind of an amazing name.

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On Friday Open Thread

@all Thank you so much for all the advice and recommendations! It's very kind of you all to take the time. I'm really excited for my trip!

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On Friday Open Thread

@cácamilis Yay, thank you for all the recommendations, that's fantastic!

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