On Truly Terrible Twos

@whizz_dumb President Perry will get you for that, whizz_dumb.

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On Truly Terrible Twos

American toddlers = psychopaths.
Other countries and cultures, less so.

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On Cruise in the Name of Love

Sorry Jane - not available to girls over the age of 14.

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On "I Can't Believe How Disgusting You Were"

This book sounds like something you might be sentenced to read if you did something really awful.

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On Oh No

@laurel When has she been on screen as an adult?

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On There Are New Girl Scout Badges

@MerelyGoodExpectations Hmmm. No badges for you withing the current structure.
But, an adult version? With badges for completion of specific areas of study and accomplishment? Oh, yeah.

Hairpin Commenter Contest: Best suggestions for Woman Scouts badges.

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On There Are New Girl Scout Badges

@Lucia Martinez Agreed. President Bachmann is gonna go nuts on that badge.

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On Oh No

@FoxyRoxy It's nice that you and Edith wish the best for her, but saying she's talented goes way too far.
Be realistic. You're referring to a movie where all she had to do was look cute. She can't act.

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On Mondo Labia

A guy here.
Men don't think, wonder, or attach ratings to any of this. When it comes to labia and proximity to labia, we are, as the old saying goes, just happy to be there.

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On Dating Ethics, Drink-Legs, and Smell Interference

@Nicole Cliffe #2 needs to take her man to a Naturopathic Physician (an ND). Guys can get yeast in the system, too and an ND can treat it with homeopathics.

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