On Model Brought Her A-Game

oh no the link doesn't work!

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On Reality TV of the Middle Ages

England's Next Top Taster: strapping lads from across the kingdom compete for the job of Royal Taster; each challenge consists of eating something poisonous and everyone eventually dies.

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On Hairpin Meetups: NYC and LA

@PBandJ Cinci? Excellent! Let's get a few more ladies on board and we'll have ourselves a regional meetup!

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On Hairpin Meetups: NYC and LA

I want to go, but I live in stupid Kentucky! (Ky is actually awesome.) Any other Hairpinners in Louisville??

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On What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

I had Molly (and wanted Samantha, natch), but looking back, ol' Molls was a badass! She had to deal with rationing for heaven's sake!

Also, did anyone else audition to be one of the American girl models in the catalog? I did! I wanted SO BAD to be one of those girls cheesing with my doll in matching party dresses.

But alas, I was not chosen. (Too mousy perhaps?) I was introduced to the wide world of rejection and broken dreams that day. And maybe took my first step towards womanhood? So thank you, American Girl.

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On Ask a Spider

I think this has to be my favorite post ever. let's all have some white wine in memory of Jennifer!

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