By Scandyhoovian on Texts From Little Women

Man, fuck you, Amy March. You burnt Jo's manuscripts, you are dead to me.

let's not even talk about laurie, ok

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By geek_tragedy on New Fairy Tales


Yes! THIS. The Grimms took a great deal of their material from exiled French Protestants who lived in Germany as refugees. They found that the French source material (most of it originating in courtly tales of the 17th century) was definitely not as didactic as they'd like. What's funny is that earlier French fairy tale writers like Perrault often thought that his source material (here I'm talking about Little Red Riding Hood specifically) wasn't didactic enough, so he had added a moral to his version. So basically, the further back you go, the less didactic, the less explicitly moral fairy tales become. (There's a great deal of debate on what Perrault's source material was, but folklorists agree that the material for Little Red Riding Hood is found in the French folklore tradition, which is obsesssed with wolves.)

More generally, the fairy tales coming out of the 19th century are so different to their forerunners, which were aimed at a courtly, adult audience (here, again, I'm referring to 17th century France.) The Grimms or Hans Christian Andersen were writing didactic literature aimed at children. Previous generations would have read (or would have heard) the actual fairy tales as adults.

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By D.@twitter on An Interview With Caitlin Moran

@Sea Ermine Agreed. Waxing is something I associate w/ younger women: those who don't yet know that they don't HAVE to meet all these stringent requirements in order to be attractive. One of the most oppressive things about the expected beauty regimen, for me, is the TIME it requires. I was the most soignee when I had to spend weeks recovering from an illness, and had nothing else to do but give myself pedicures. It's not that I don't get any part of me waxed or plucked or shaped on principle, necessarily, but there's so much else I either have to do/would rather be doing. I feel like all we need to do is convince women to give themselves a break for a while, and allow inertia to do the rest.

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By RNL on An Interview With Caitlin Moran

@timesnewroman The only problem with this argument: The boys are starting! STOP THEM! STOP THEM NOW!

If I see another hairless DMZ crotch on a hairy man I swear. I know I don't want my sex partners to express an opinion on my hair removal practices, but men. YOUR PUBIC HAIR IS FINE. MY PUBIC HAIR IS FINE. Some trimming is fine. But please I don't want a world where we all have to pretend our crotches are hairless.


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By LaLoba on Breaking Up Is Hard to Do With Dignity

I broke up with my boyfriend over the weekend. Then I immediately slept with a dude who has been trying to get with me for a couple of months.

I actually like him a lot.

But I still feel like a dick.

I bought a box of Franzia. I've been to four social gatherings in the past week; I brought it as my contribution to each one. The box has a handle. It is meant to be carried place to place.

Can I be heart broken and giddily infatuated at the same time?

I finally changed my sheets and took the forty pounds of clothing off the floor.

If the sun keeps shining; things might look up. Or I'll see every movie at the theater and keep playing pool with the crowd of toothless old men at the dive bar on Tuesday nights.

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By beezus. on Breaking Up Is Hard to Do With Dignity

Last time I got dumped, I couldn't stop calling/texting my ex. So my best friend made me change his name in my phone to "CALL CHRISTIE." It totally worked -- everytime I went to text or call, I just pictured her disapproving, frowning face, and I texted her, instead. My small piece of advice: If you are going through a breakup, recruit a friend who will let you do this.

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By Ginger Slap on Sixth Senses, Approachability, and the Penniless Nomad Actors

@WaityKatie haha well isn't that the problem? If you think you are boring then imagine what the guys think. I think staying in on a Friday night with a pint of ice cream and a Franzen novel sounds like a ragin' time, so I just so happened to meet a guy that also thought that sounds fun. Own your own version of boredom and make it LOOK fun is the key.

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By Holex iii on Bisexuality, "Ass Worship," and Failures in the Bedroom

Seriously, did "A Lady" not think of the word "lady" when referring to women/girls?

Also, agree with everyone re: bi-question. Yikes, how did this make it into print?

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By Oh, squiggles on An Abridged Lindsay Lohan Legal Troubles Timeline

If there is anything I have learned from Misfits, it is that you should do your community services so you can:
A. Get a cool super power
B. Have adventures, while being pithy and snarky
C. Possibly meet the younger version of your future boyfriend who turns out to be super hot and also kind of like Batman?

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By Alice on An Abridged Lindsay Lohan Legal Troubles Timeline

I think it's cute how we're all pretending she's still an actress.

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