On Tales of Post-Graduate Love, Turmoil, and Friendship: A Conversation with Jessica Pan and Rachel Kapelke-Dale

This sounds wonderful. My library doesn't have it yet, but I've recommended they purchase it! I can't wait to read it.

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On A Curated Selection of Wonderfully Gruesome Sentences from Wikipedia

The Dyatlov Pass page is great, but the best page (in my opinion, because it has so many fascinating links and "see alsos") is about the Demon Core: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demon_core

Also, that Helios flight, holy shit. "Autopsies on the crash victims showed that all were alive at the time of impact, but it could not be determined whether they were conscious as well." *shiver*

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On Punktown, USA

@de Pizan I was just going to say how cool it is (as a Nashvillian) that we are at least yellow for every single style of music. Music City indeed!

Also, I had no idea the West Coast was so hot for bluegrass. Weird.

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On The Hairpin March Madness Pool

@Emma Carmichael I just changed it to "David Bowie came 2 me in a drm" (damn character limit) because that's how I will explain it if I manage to get anything close to correct, but maybe I should change it back?

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On Tagalongs vs. Peanut Butter Patties: The Great Girl Scout Cookie Regional Naming Rift

The ABC names are so utilitarian! If I want snacks that are given slightly unappetizing names that just describe what the thing looks like, I have Little Debbie for that. Breakdown of what I'm paying for when I buy Girl Scout cookies: 1/3 delicious cookies, 1/3 great cause, 1/3 whimsy/nostalgia. ABC just doesn't cut it on that last one.

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On Tagalongs vs. Peanut Butter Patties: The Great Girl Scout Cookie Regional Naming Rift

@Blushingflwr @eiffeldesigns $3 in rural Tennessee (according to my parents, whose stash I mooched off this year)! I knew there had to be something good about living here.

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On Flu Season Survival Tips From the 19th Century

Good old E.W. Grove--inventor of Grove's Chill Tonic, builder of the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC, and endower of my public high school, yet all anyone remembers him for is that weird pig with the head of a happy baby.

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On Never Have I Ever Written a Book (Until Now): A Conversation With Katie Heaney

I am so excited to read this book, and now that I read the comments and see that it's by Reading Between the Texts Katie Heaney, I'm even more excited! Yay for addressing the lives of girls and women in the "long tail" of datelessness. :)

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On How's It Going?

I started following the Hairpin because of the old FMK series (specifically the Anthony Bourdain/Hugh Laurie/Rahm Emanuel one, which is perhaps the most perfect thing I have ever read on the internet), but there haven't been any since I started reading regularly. Please bring it back!

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Marlon Brando's Dirty Dungarees

UGH, MY BOO. Marlon is my favorite person in all of Old Hollywood (and new Hollywood, really) and I love this column. THANK YOU FOR COMBINING THEM.

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