On "Take a Step That Is New..."

WONDERFUL. Nicole, you are so refreshing and your posts always make me smile. Glad to hear you're on board permanently!

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On The $625 Apartment

@The Lady of Shalott oh I'm so sorry. Ruthless landlords must have clued in awfully fast after I left. :(

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On The $625 Apartment

@TDF@twitter but on second thought, I would move back in a heartbeat if there were ANY jobs, so, yes, rural eastern Canada is horrible, no one move there please.

I live in a major CDN city (top 5) and pay $830 + approx. $20/month in hydro for a huge one-bedroom. Laundry in, heat in, nice quiet neighbours, safe, close to both nature and nightlife!

But - this is the absolute MAX I can pay, and I'm terrified once my work contract is up that I'll be couching it in the middle of nowhere like I did for the past 3 years. There aren't really any ultra-cheap places here, just a variety of mid-priced options. :(

My partner and I cannot cohabitate for some time (long story) and splitting the residual costs from his place (which he owns) wouldn't save me much anyway.

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On The $625 Apartment

@The Lady of Shalott wow you were scammed. If it was in a college town (and if not, I apologize) my friends and I all had sunny, clean bachelors for under $400 (yes! No kidding! I miss it SO MUCH) in similar locations... except for the folks that split houses/2BRs to slice and dice their rent even further.

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student

@Interrobanged It's still a huge pyramid scheme here in the Great White North. Every single professor I had in undergrad tried to recruit me into their discipline/graduate program. I chose one, graduated, and had absolutely zero job prospects for nearly 3 years. Profs need students, and they prefer teaching/mentoring MAs as opposed to indifferent undergrads, so they do the hard sell on their above-average students.

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student

@Bri Lee No. It really didn't. I was completely unhireable until I took my humanities MA off the resume and left the "teaching assistant" experience to fill the gap. And I live in a government town that (presumably) values education and intelligence.

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student

@Emby Word. Masters of Journalism is the hugest ripoff ever UNLESS you have a paid co-op term. Work experience is EVERYTHING.

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On An Interview With Eileen Myles, and a Poem From Her New Book

What an intelligent, fascinating, distinctive voice. I <3 Boston reality.

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On Beauty Q&A: Too Many Choices

@carolita How does everyone manage to afford these haircuts? I pay about $60 every (um, ha ha) 4-5 months and it still takes a bite out of my budget. Enlighten me, Pinners!

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On Noises: Can't Live Without 'Em

@Scandyhoovian I have to blow my nose like every 10 minutes though and that can't be any less annoying! (Wildly allergic to dust, poorly-ventilated work space, no health insurance for experience allergy shots). What do I do?!

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