By frenz.lo on Deadly Combinations of Male Fashion and Behavior

4. A goatee AND a toddler walking around wherever it wants to go AND the inquiry, "Do you guys have any chai?"

And the woman behind the counter says, "You must be a real chill dude."
And the guy says, "Yeah, how did you know?"
And she says, "Because this is the hardware store."

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By laurel on Dating a Closeted Bi Guy, Discovering a Boob Fetish, and Sleeping With Twins

@fabel Yeah, as an internet observer immune to any fall-out I'm like, yes, sleep with the other sex twin too, dooo it 'cause that sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and also an anthropological adventure.

But I'm sure I'm wrong and it's a terrible idea IRL.

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By Judith Slutler on Dating a Closeted Bi Guy, Discovering a Boob Fetish, and Sleeping With Twins

is it more like when a horror movie says “Inspired by actual events” and what they mean is “One time some people lived in a house”?

Best analogy in the history of analogies

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By leonstj on Security vs. Surprise

@leon s - j/k of course. The advice I got growing up was, on the "big days" - Valentine's, Anniversarys, Bdays, whatever - you just go kind of standard. A nice dinner, flowers, etc. You build an expectation that on the expected days, you celebrate your partner in the traditional way - and that, in the sappy/corny-ness that comes with intimacy, it can be fun, especially if you don't expect rainbows and volcanoes.

But the real trick was - and I love that this talk stresses the importance of surprise surprise - was that random "acts of whatever" were the key to making it work. Don't buy flowers after a fight. Buy flowers on a random Tuesday for no reason at all.

If you have a split set of chores around the house, maybe once in a while you take a half-day at work, and just do your partners chores for them before they get home.

If you see some amazing gift that would be so special and your partner would love and you can afford it without needing to jointly discuss the finances, don't save it for their birthday/anniversary/whatever - just surprise them with it.

Getting into a habit of surprising and delighting your partner doesn't just remind them how much you love them, the act of preparing a surprise can also remind YOU a lot how much you love them.

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By give cheese some pants on Security vs. Surprise

this is all very interesting and helpful, but I worry how much use it will be since after watching Perel speak so eloquently and French-accentedly about erotic desire, I'm having a little trouble recalling my boyfriend's name/face. yowza!

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By melis on The Natural Beauty and Cosmetics Advocate: Jessa Blades

"What is a toxin? It may surprise you to learn how many toxins we come in contact with during the course of an ordinary day: Sitting, computers, materialism, smelling, desserts (Japanese), metal, not saying yes to yourself, hesitation, textiles, cooking, recession, texting, chewing, desserts (Western), low self-esteem, tight hamstrings, suffering, parents, yoga (non-Bikram), yoga (all other kinds), shoes, vaccines, doctors, books, driving, cooking, shameful sex dreams, exciting sex dreams, and folding."

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By Claire Zulkey@twitter on Birch Stripping for the Uninitiated

I read an article in Harpers about the fear of vaccines and the author looked back at the history of the term "filth" and basically concluded that "toxins" are the new "filth" as a catchall phrase to mean invisible things privileged people are afraid of that poor people just subject themselves too because they don't know better/don't care.

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By sarah girl on Chamberpots: A Resurgence?

I'm still not totally sure I believe this is fake.

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By hopelessshade on Recipes

@Ham Snadwich Dude if you can find a European royalty who didn't marry a cousin or wasn't a fascist, I will happily eat whatever Neapolitan pizza gets named after them.

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By RK Fire on "...it is usually a fool’s mission to blame people for how they pronounce words."

@frenz.lo: I guess I would soften the "t" to a "d" but yup, congratulations, you win the Murriland linguistic quirks. For a prize you a free trip downyoshun!

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