@Gingineer Apparently that was just a rumor. He's still active on twitter (as of an hour ago): https://twitter.com/mosaaberizing

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On The [Horrifying] Perfect MicroWorkout

@wallsdonotfall I do a fitness boot camp (also short interval workouts, only for an hour), and my instructor is really good about finding modifications for people with injuries or who can't do a particular exercise. It's never a big deal if you give up or can't make it, but there's a lot of positive peer pressure to help get you through - my group is really supportive, lots of cheering and all. I'm fairly introverted and not usually into the group exercise thing, but the extra motivation really does help!

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On "Comfort IN, dump OUT."

@yeah-elle I logged in to say that my mom was also just diagnosed with breast cancer, and the only people she's told so far are me and her partner, for exactly the reason you describe. Her immediate family - her mother and siblings - are going to freak out and require lots of explanations and hand-holding, and she just doesn't feel quite ready to deal with that. I'm planning on running interference with my grandmother, hopefully it'll help.

Anyway, I hope everything goes alright with your mom! Internet hugs to you!

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On Save Up, Move Out

Aw, thank you! Internet hugs are my favorite part about The Hairpin!

I've managed to move past the helpless weeping stage and into the righteous anger/indignation stage, which I'm hoping will be resolved when I never have to see his face again. So soon!

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On Save Up, Move Out

You guyssss this is my life. :(

I've been meaning to write about it on a FOT one week or another, but I always get there too late and there are a million comments and it's intimidating. Also, I don't comment a lot, so that's intimidating.

My ex broke up with me two weeks before Christmas with almost no explanation, and we've been living together ever since. It's been HARD. We're fortunate to have an extra bedroom, so at least we don't have to sleep in the same room (strike that, he's lucky he hasn't had to sleep on the couch for the last three months), but I've had so many moments of just freaking the fuck out on the inside when I see him walking around our apartment like everything's normal.

The best news, though, is that he will be moving out next week and one of my best friends will be moving in to take his place.

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On Have You Voted Yet, Are You About to Vote, When Are You Voting

@werewolfbarmitzvah I voted Stein/Honkala! I definitely got dirty looks from even some of my more liberal friends when I told them who I was planning on voting for, but the Green Party best represents my views and I think this country needs more third-party involvement in politics (especially liberal third parties).

I live in MA, though - if I lived anywhere that were remotely swing-y I'd have absolutely voted for Obama.

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On Versus Lola

Ok, so I saw Lola Versus last week at a preview screening, and I actually really liked it! I wasn't expecting to (I didn't really know what to expect, to be honest), but it was entertaining and not overly precious and the ending was great. The characters are mainly privileged white folks, but that's true of movies generally, and aside from that it was one of the more relatable rom-coms I've seen. I don't get all the vitriol about it on the interwebs.

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On He Was Too Tall for This World

@KatnotCat The foot of the bed, I'm guessing, not the foot of the prez.

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On The Flapper Beauty Tutorial

@klemay I did this super quickly and it's not perfect, but... here you go!

Intro music
[old-timey singing]
Oh, sorry! (laughs)
Hey Rookies I’m Jane Marie from The Hairpin and today I’m going to show you guys how to do a 20’s-flapper-Clara Bow… um… kind of look!

Obviously! (points)

So the first thing you’re going to do for this look is to throw your hair into some curlers, like, totally haphazardly since we’re just gonna put it up in the end. But we want to create a few curls and body.

So I know a lot of people associate finger waves with the flapper look. I personally think they’re a pain in the butt to do and they take a really long time and in the end they’re not totally that flattering… so … and also if you google pictures of Clara Bow and even like Marian… Marion… Cotillard (is that how you say it?) from Midnight in Paris, she doesn’t even have like a proper finger wave going on. It’s just curled hair that’s been teased and a lot of times pinned up and then a scarf or a headband is thrown over it anyway. So you don’t need to perfectly curl your hair, so just throw some curlers in. If you have bangs and little side pieces, curl them forward, that’s the only thing you need to pay attention to.

And then secondly a lot of people associate the flapper look with the bee sting… beestung lips look. But I don’t think that’s the most important thing either, even though we’re going to do that… We’re going to do a version of that that looks less cartoonish, more real. But what I think is more important is lowering and reshaping your eyebrows.

For me, with my modern brow shape going on, I’m going to have to use this product called… SymWax (shows product). See that? This I got at the costume store. They didn’t have it at sally’s. But when I was in Sally’s, before I discovered the costume store, somebody told me you can use glue stick, and somebody else there said you can use a bar of soap if you get it a little bit wet. But what we’re gonna do basically is we’re gonna… take… um… I’m using the pusher side of a cuticle tool (shows)… which is… I just realized probably disgusting… and I’m gonna scoop out a chunk of this wax like that and then roll it around in my fingers. And if your fingers… if it’s sticking to your fingers you can just get your fingers a little wet, like with water. Anyway, so you’re going to roll it out like this (shows) and then you’re going to place it over your brow – it’ll stick – and then you’re going to start just smashing into place over your brow.

[smashing-over-brow sequence]

And once your brows are completely covered, we’re going to put foundation – well, powder first and then foundation – over it.

[foundation sequence]

Ok and that’s it! You look beautiful!

Just kidding… ummm… the next thing we’re gonna do is a little bit of gray eye shadow. And we’re gonna put it um… on most of our lids, going a little higher on the inside corner than you normally would, and then going out… extending beyond the corners of your eyes a little bit, on the top and on the bottom. And this isn’t like a complicated in-the-crease/not-in-the-crease whatever. Just go right from the bottom of your lid in an arc out to the corner and then connect it underneath. Cuz basically what you’re doing is you’re copying a style of makeup that was created when um… they were using like black kohl eyeliner for everything instead of eye shadow and stuff? So… it can look like crap.

[eyeshadow sequence]

So we have our gray eye shadow on, and now we’re going to draw our eyebrows on. I know this is looking terrible, but just stick with me, cuz this is gonna be great!

I’m going to draw an eyebrow on that is relatively straight across (shows) - below where my natural eyebrow is – relatively straight across and then it’s gonna go down over here past where… like toward the corner of my eye. So if you go out from the corner, that’s where it’s gonna end – way longer than we wear our eyebrows now.

And I’m gonna do it in brown shadow, and then I’m gonna go back over it in black shadow when I’m ready to… seal the deal.

[eyebrow sequence]

Alright, so here are my perfectly worried brows… I’m gonna take white liner inside rim, black liner around the outside of my eye, and then the fake lashes. And the key with fake lashes is waitingfor the glue… put the glue on the lashes and wait for it to almost completely dry, so it’s like sticky by the time you put it on your eye.

[Eye lash/liner sequence]

Ok now give that a second to dry, and then we’re gonna throw mascara on the top and TONS of mascara on the bottom, and then a little bit of blush… and then I’ll show you how to do the cupids-bow crazy lips.

So cover up your lips, making sure the corners especially are covered in foundation. And taking a burgundy lip… lipstick and a lip brush… lipstick brush – load that up – what you’re gonna do… a lot of people think you have to go like super exaggerated heart shape on the top and then like really low on the bottom, and I think that just looks cartoonish. So we’re gonna go a little bit thinner on the top but don’t go all the way out to the edge. Make your lip line and then cut it short a little bit. Same thing on the bottom.

[Lip sequence]

Take your hair down, rat it a little bit in the back, and we’re gonna put it in like a junky easy clip. And then put a scarf on and some 20’s-ish looking clothes and then go to a party!

I just moved so I don’t know anybody here so I’m gonna probably just take new Facebook photos. But you should go to a party!

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On Strawberry Qreamsicles

@thebestjasmine Um, not speaking from experience or anything, but you can request the liquid stuff when you drop off your prescription at the pharmacy. You may get weird looks, but... small price to pay?

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