On Solo RSVPs and the Crypt Keeper of the Bride

@teenie I'd love to do that one with you.

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On Playing House, Cutting Ties, and Being Alone

I was LW#1's boyfriend EXACTLY, like, down to being pressured into grad school and the whole 9 yards. It took me forever to find a job after school, and not for lack of trying.

The first thing I did when I got said job was to walk out. I was sick of hearing, for years and years, how value-less I was, and feeling like a burden. I never wanted to go to grad school and get all that debt, all I wanted was to be "as good as" my ex.

So I left, renegotiated my debt, and eventually met a great guy who valued me for more than my earning power.

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On Why, Rihanna?

@erica767 Thanks for your kindness on this thread. I vomited immediately after clicking on hairpin, as the photo was right there, so I commented in a moment of weakness right after. The hairpin community has been so supportive of me, and I've drawn so much strength from everyone here after a treatment or a setback - it's pretty much my favorite place on the internet. The spinal surgery last month and all the radiation treatment I will be getting is the only thing standing in the way of me being in a wheelchair. It's taken me 3 years to accept that I will likely never see 40 because of the breast cancer, but I've only had a month to consider that I may lose my ability to walk - so I am admittedly oversensitive.

From now on, I'll leave the editing to the editors.

@redheaded&crazy - not insensitive, it IS really funny.

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On Why, Rihanna?

@petejayhawk Wow, unwarranted. Hope you feel better now.

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On Why, Rihanna?

I have never complained about the style or content of posting here, but I have an unpleasant visceral reaction to rotting food, the same some people have with blood, etc. I'm not asking for special treatment, but this condition of mine in 100X worse right now b/c I have radiation sickness. Please think in the future about the stock photos (which most of the time are awesome).

Sorry to be so picky.

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On Instead of Donating to the Komen Foundation...

@NeverOddOrEven I did. I felt so dehumanized. Nurses, OTOH, are fucking heroes.

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On Instead of Donating to the Komen Foundation...

I hate Pinkwashing, and I hate Komen for doing this. You all know here that I have been fighting BC for over 3 years now - here's how I spent the last week: in the hospital. I had to have two vertebrae replaced because a tumor was basically holding them up (and not that well, and painfully) AND I had to have a metal bar put into my upper arm because a tumor shattered my humera. Not awesome, not sexy. I hadn't yet had the experience of not being able to wipe my own butt, so now I've checked that one off the list.

My point is? That this kind of short-sighted political chicanery makes it difficult to stay motivated, and I KNOW I'm lucky. I was close to going through this without insurance, I can't even imagine. People still die of breast cancer, and all this decision ensures is that more people will. Unforgivable.

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On Homo for the Holidays

My brother came out pretty late in life, in his 40s, and I'm meeting his boyfriend for the 1st time for Christmas! I'm so excited! This is actually the 1st time I'll have seen my brother since he's come out - I'm so proud of him, and he seems so happy. I only regret I didn't have time to make them the "Homo Sweet Homo" cross stitch sampler that I'd meant to.

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On How to Buy Vintage Jewelry

I have my baby ring from my baptism, and another small one from my 1st communion. I don't know how traditional this is or was at the time (37 years ago), but the family was super-Catholic then.

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On Age Differences, Irrational Jealousy, and the Haircut

"I'm tall, thin and people of all types have complimented my haircut! I'm going to die alone and unloved!!!!!!!"

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