On Ask a Clean Person: The War on Bugs

One time when I was researching the best ways to kill fruit flies, I learned something super gross about male fruit flies: they all tend to have super long sperm cells with one species having the longest sperm of any organism - 2.3 inches, tightly coiled. So yeah, ever since then, I have kept the wine bottle corked and a paper towel over the glass if I even see a fruit fly in the building.

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On The May-December Romance

The guy I'm currently dating is 54, which is 25 years older than me. Thankfully I'm older than his kids. When we first started dating four years ago, it was supposed to be just casual dating but it turned out that we get along incredibly well.

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On What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

I had Felicity - and the description is apt. I've still got the cup from her tea set as part of my home decor. I don't think I'll ever forgive my mom for passing her down to my little sister - within a couple of months, the doll was completely destroyed and her bed was saturated in cat pee.

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