Why, Rihanna?

We live in a post-Winehouse world, where pop stars no longer hide their character flaws and pretend to be perfect (what’s up, Whitney Houston). They come out with them. They sing about them. Maybe they let the industry exploit them, but it’s not necessarily such a bad thing, this kind of dramatic honesty. If we’ve gone through something similar, it makes us feel less alone. If we haven’t, maybe it makes us think of certain issues in a new, less-judgey way. One of my favorite songs of the past few years is Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie,” with Rihanna singing desperately on that brilliant chorus about being cyclically attracted to someone who’s very bad for her. It’s a beautiful song about sick love, which most of us have experienced on some level. READ MORE

Bathing Suit Shopping With Annette Kellerman, the Australian Mermaid

It’s the same thing every spring: You peruse the magazines, grit your teeth, and go bathing suit shopping. But when you get into the dressing room, it's a big old mess. Your limbs are pale, lumpy, mottled, and large-looking. You shouldn’t have eaten so much pasta/drunk so much wine. You should have started around mid-February cutting out carbs/going to the gym. So you head home empty handed, in a haze of disgust and frustration. READ MORE