On Friday Open Thread

Ugh, I'm nursing a molly-induced hangover that is not being helped by the shitty weather today. The problem with being smart enough to have fun times when I don't have to work the next day is that I've basically destroyed my chance at the productive day off I thought I'd have. Oh well, I suppose there's still 8 hours left in the day for me to do laundry and maybe even dishes. And everything else, oh god.

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On Chicago: Hot or Not?

@Lucienne Everyone hates Atlanta. Even those of us that love it love it kinda just love it for how crappy it is.

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin I would recommend seeing a psychologist/therapist first. They'll tell you if they'd recommend medication, and if they don't you should ask directly. Then they can write something out which you can give to a general practitioner to fill. I'm sorry your boyfriend is unsupportive. He's not any king of mental health professional though and he doesn't know what will be best for you. It might be a good idea to humor him by also asking about all your non-med options. From what I've read, people usually do best with a combination of therapy and medication if they do have a mental illness. Which you may or may not! Plenty of lovely people do. The first step of course is to talk to a psychologist, and make sure you get to voice all your concerns with them. The process of getting a therapist to a prescription can take a while, so hopefully that time will allow your boyfriend to be more understanding once he learns what it's all about.

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin Well as long as you see a psychologist and not a psychiatrist it wouldn't be an issue. Psychologists can't write prescriptions, just recommend them. I had that problem with seeing a psychiatrist, because he was only interested in medication and I never got to talk about regular emotional stuff without it coming back to medication.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood
When I was in third grade my best friend and I listened to that song obsessively and even choreographed a dance to it. I've still never seen Titanic.

I think your mom wants you to be REALLY sad at her funeral. Fair enough!

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On Friday Open Thread

I just finished rewatching Mad Men season 5 and I really think everyone else should too. I had actually mostly forgotten what happened and entirely forgotten how great it was. April 7th cannot come soon enough! I need all of those people back in my life, making me sad/excited/jealous every week. I'm really considering getting the DVDs so I can watch the commentary even though all the episodes are on Netflix all ready

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On Laird Hamilton Knows

The thing that's obnoxious about these articles is that they never acknowledge that for a lot of people, getting up isn't the problem; it's going to sleep that is. Nearly every night I get in bed hoping to get up early (which is 10 am for me cause I work till 1 am so you morning people can have scones at 7) but soon enough it's dawn and I fall asleep listening to this guy go for a run and his stupid early birds taunting me with their chirping.

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On Laird Hamilton Knows

@Countess Maritza
Right now I have a job where i start at 4 pm and I'm frequently not home till 2 am, so I basically don't remember what mornings even are. But I'm a pastry cook so I've had it the opposite way as well and had to train myself which believe me was HARD. But eventually I liked it a lot! Getting out of bed is all about conquering your sleeping self, which is not your regular self and is in an alliance with your bed to keep you there.

I slept through class to the point I was almost failing. Half the time I didn't even remember hearing my alarm go off. So I started using a three alarm system: my phone, with multiple alarms, a clock radio so I could wake up to music I wouldn't want to turn off, and an antique alarm clock with the loudest, most horrible, sleep disrupting sound possible which I kept as far from the bed as possible so I would have to get up to hit it. After that the old clock was too hard to reset to be worth going back to bed for. I got in the habit of making coffee the night before so I didn't have to wait for it (also nice to have it in the fridge when it's hot out). I cooked eggs for breakfast a lot too so I would start the day by doing stuff. Honestly getting up at 6 because I had somewhere to be was way better than getting up at noon and not having to do anything till 3.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Tropical Iceland also, did anyone notice that I'm basically like a cynical version of Shoshanna from 'Girls'? He's 7 years older and Jewish even. Although I guess she's probably the best character to actually be like.

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On Friday Open Thread

@PatatasBravas Thank you, all of you. It's especially helpful to hear that ending the relationship doesn't have to mean kicking him out on his ass immediately. I should explain that the trust issues are a matter of his being a recovering addict, which is also the reason he hasn't been able to take care of himself in the past. I'm not at all worried about being stolen from or safety but I've been lied to and I just don't think he takes getting clean seriously enough to not use and lie about it again, which is a such a painful thing when you love someone. How can you be hurt by someone who is mostly hurting them self? I will try to be strong this week and give him a move out date. I'll try to remember that heartbreak is a necessary thing to feel sometimes. I'll let you know how it goes next Friday.

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