On Friday Open Thread

@EngNaturalBeauty@twitter @like a rabid squirrel @phipsi @tealily Thanks, all. I just told my boss, who took it really well. We've looked into Pods and using some trailer space, but they're all in the range of $3,500 to $4,700. I'm trying to persuade my fiance that we should just sell all of our furniture and ship or drive with the rest, but he's not into it. Wish us luck...

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On Friday Open Thread

I'm currently sitting at my desk freaking out because I told myself that today would be the day I would tell my boss that my fiance and I are moving across the country next month. Also, moving is so freaking expensive. Any suggestions from other pinners about long-distance moves?

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On Name That Book!



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On Light-ish, Hippie-ish, Side Dish Ish/Help

On the day after Thanksgiving, my boyfriend's cousin made this *incredible* raw Brussels sprouts salad, shredded with some apples and maybe some slivered almonds? The dressing was maybe just a squeeze of lemon juice? There was no mayonnaise or anything heavy. It definitely qualified as hippie-ish and there were some questionable glances cast at the bowl, but then we tried it and it was soooooooo good.

Sorry I don't have a recipe; she had just brought this little newspaper clipping and I haven't emailed her to get it from her. This looks pretty close though...

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On Big Day for Marriage

Crying! If only it was up to the Executive Branch... Getting this through Congress will be an uphill battle (but one that should be fought!).

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On Ask a Clean Person: Laundry School Is In Session!

@olivebee yeah i take this approach too. it makes laundry SO much easier, i've never had an issue with bleeding, and it saves energy! hurrah!

i do separate out my delicates/things that can't be tumble dried, for further streamlining. that way i do a load of dryable stuff and a load of not dryable stuff. minimal thought required.

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On Beauty Q&A: What's That Smell?

My perfumes are probably boring, but I (currently) love:
1) Issey Miyake L'eau d'Issey.
2) Kai (for when I want to smell like summer time/Hawaii).
3) YSL Rive Gauche (which I love and which totally reminds me of my mom because she wore it all the time when I was growing up).

And Jennifer Aniston's perfume is nice!

And probably more that I'm forgetting. I have a weakness for gardenia and would bathe in the scent if I could (can I?!) but I have yet to find a gardenia perfume that's nice and pretty without being too in-your-face.

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On Friday Open Thread

@SarahDances yayyyy it was fun!!! let's get that facebook group going, no? (this is Emily, by the way.)

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On Friday Open Thread

@Daisy Razor @slutface @nevernude cutoffs @lizardjellybean @emilylouise All fantastic suggestions! The Drive soundtrack is killer.

And so I can feel like I'm contributing rather than just leeching...
this song. And this one. And also this.
Link text

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On Friday Open Thread

@Emby one of my favorite songs of all time! along with this.

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