On Saying Sorry Is a Pretty-Girl Trick

@adorable-eggplant I certainly hear you, that one is absolutely an example of hurting someone directly, so maybe nyikint should have put it further on the list, but I think she has them in order of appearance.

I don't mean to imply that what she did wasn't wrong, but these things she listed sound like things an obnoxious teenager would do. One time my freshman year if college I was out with some new friends (and in my own version of a rebellious stage) and when we finished they wanted to dine and dash. I thought it was ludicrous but I also wanted to fit in and didn't have the money to pay for the whole meal so I did it. Who knows who had to pay for that meal? I certainly lacked the gumption/ maturity/ whathaveyou to rectify it at the time but I also don't consider myself a bad person now because of it.

Anyway, I think there's a whole other convo that could be had regarding the morale that pop culture offers up to youth and Lindsay Lohan is a good example. She IS too old to be so inconsiderate. A 16 year old? Maybe, maybe not.

ETA: my point being that an obnoxious teenager would do these things because they lack the maturity to understand the direct link to someone's well being or income.

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On Saying Sorry Is a Pretty-Girl Trick

@Megasus If you google it, you'll learn that the chemical compound was originally used as an antidepressant in the mid 20th century. It's a psychotropic drug that was taken off the market, though I have no idea how it differs or is similar to psychotropic drugs currently available via Rx.

Experimenting or not (which contains the risk of becoming addicted) with mind altering substances does not merit sarcastic shaming the same way sexual experimentation (and risking STD, pregnancy) does not merit slut shaming. Just saying.

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On Saying Sorry Is a Pretty-Girl Trick

Yet they also seem like things a young naive person may do I et the course of an entire adolescence. Put together I think the sum of "badness" equals more than the badness of its parts.

It'd feel different to me if this is currently her norm and she is not self sufficient/ burdening others as a result.

All that said, I could not connect all the dots she presents here. Could have used editing and reorganizing. And a clearer line to Lindsay Lohan, that part completely lost me.

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On Yes

@Lily Rowan You have to admit these high fives are great though! Has anyone else ever noticed how much Andy samberg looks like the blonde on blonde guy??

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On Yes

@whizz_dumb I took so long to type that I'm just seeing your comment. High fives on thinking alike!

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On Yes

@Little_Lakes Speaking of mean-spirited, so is snarkily attacking a new editor in a junior high tone of voice ("we like titles around here, Emma; Why can't we have nice things?).

So the Nice Police enforce niceness via verbal abuse? Emma's been editing the site for two fucking days, and it's not as if Edith never posted something along these lines. Rich Santos anyone???

I dunno, maybe everybody don't be so quick to bristle and give this girl a chance to do her thing.

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On Yes

@chrysopoeia Aw, I used to have a coworker who spoke English as like his 5th language (with some difficulty), and he would frequently start emails with "for your FYI". But on him it was so endearing, because he was about my dad's age and had no idea what he was doing. At least I experienced an enjoyable memory out of this?

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On Sacred Socks

My cat will not drink out of her water bowl unless she's desperate, and my subservient ass turns on the bath faucet to a drizzle so she can drink whenever she hops up in the tub and calls for me. But she does like to lick the water off my feet and legs when I get out of the shower... So maybe I am her sacred thing? ;)

Also, she lines up her toys behind the recliner, except one fuzzy chickie that stays in the box she likes to sleep in.

Clearly I wouldn't be able to throw away Linus' sick either !

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On Smoking With Friends

Timely indeed - I am trying EMDR for the first time next week and in making a list of topics/events to discuss with the therapist, I ended up making an elaborate diagram that all leads back to an abject loneliness that's been with me since I can ever remember. And also I've recently developed a cough from all the pot I've been smoking to deal with said loneliness, so.

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On Minor Tragedies on the Internet: A Yearly Diary

@hallelujah Oh god, oh god, I had a equally major Hairpin tragedy in 2011 when I co-organized a Pinup in my city and then there were these two girls who were from a suburb of this city and the only two people I knew from the suburb were the guy who I was unrequitedly in love with and his best friend. For background, the night before the Pinup, I had given him this insanely elaborate birthday gift and he responded with "look Sox, this is never going to happen." And I was [far too] devastated by it. So anyway I ask these girls if they know him AND IT TURNS OUT SHE WAS HIS HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEART... Who, uh, still seems to carry some baggage over 10 years later. And she was so consumed with talking to me about him that I didn't really get to meet the other Pinners and drank 4 beers instead. And then she emailed him the next day and told him all about it. :(
It was very awful, like WTF this is my safe place why are you heeeeere?!?!

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