On "The tragedy of Obama's presidency is that he's too much of a Ravenclaw and not enough of a Gryffindor."

@Olivia2.0 I think Bill works hard but charm has helped him significantly. He is pretty loyal though, he has stuck by that god awful Blanche Lincoln.

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On "The tragedy of Obama's presidency is that he's too much of a Ravenclaw and not enough of a Gryffindor."

@hallelujah YES. He shit on children and teachers. That is NOT brave.

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On "E-mail is the worst." - The New York Times

@Blushingflwr Oh totally. I do this all the time. And I firmly believe in being clear about the communication you expect. So I'll email then "I saw you called me earlier when I was doing Y. Were you calling about X? If so, I will need some time to prepare for that. Can I call you back at 4?"

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On "E-mail is the worst." - The New York Times

@timesnewroman You don't think phone calls are intrusive? Your phone rings for like 30 seconds max. You have to answer it THEN. What if I'm in a meeting? What if I'm answering other emails? A phone call can be a little demanding.

Of course there are situations where the phone is most appropriate but I really believe they are the things @Ellie describes (if X then Y but if Z then ABC!) which are often things I will need to do some prep for. I hate when people call me to discuss complex things without warning and I'm like "Okay, let me put this other project away and pull up all of those documents and think about these decisions (which may be quite important or need buy-in from other ppl) on the fly"

Basically, only call me if you want to talk for more than 15 minutes and give me a head's up.

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On "E-mail is the worst." - The New York Times

@aphrabean YUP. Member organization. Many emails from humans with unique problems. I'm in a mostly public-facing role however so luckily most of my time is spent forwarding them to the right people.

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On Is He a Crazy Douchebag Wizard?

@Jane Dough I know I am late to the party but THIS so much. And it goes for friends and ladylovers as well.

Maybe it is because as teenagers my social group's (including myself) flirting tactic was to be self deprecating. "No, I'm not really pretty" and similar. That is immature behavior I grew out of but when dating post college I used to think "Oh they're not really [selfish/mean/going to break my heart] like they say they are! They're just being self deprecating and I should reassure them that they are wonderful!" Ummmmmmmmmm nope nope nope nope NOPE. I hope not to make these mistakes ever again.

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On Death Comes for the Spirit of Privacy, or O Researchers!

My BFF really really dislikes Willa Cather and is going to check out a copy of her published letters from the library and read them just to spite her. She probably will laugh evilly.

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On How to Fail for a Month, Year, or Decade and Be Okay

@leon s
Thank you for this! I have definitely been focusing too much on women who don't love me back and not enough on brown liquor. (seriously. so, so seriously.)

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On Ask the Non-Squalid

@gobblegirl This. So much this! Other websites use their corps of freelancers to build a bench for when say, a beauty editor, leaves. But if you don't pay them they are not going to have much loyalty to you.

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On Ask the Non-Squalid

@MaxBraverman I know The Awl network isn't exactly rolling in dollars, but when they operate on this 'contribute for free for exposure' model you cannot blame people for leveraging that exposure into paying gigs. Paying gigs at other places because why would they have loyalty to The Awl/Hairpin?

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