On Lil Women: The Vlogs

Yes. Okay. I love it.

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On Charming Uphill Both Ways in the Snow

I knew it would be him without even clicking. It's just. The obvious [only] answer. How strange!

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On 15 Cats That Are Leaning In

Socks Clinton!

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On Seven Million Years in Seventy Seconds

0:39-0:54 was especially hard for me.

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On The Oscars

"The pipe exploded when the mother of Kief Davidson, director of the Oscar-nominated documentary short "Open Heart," flushed a toilet, sending water into the lobby where nearly every nominee and studio head was walking in."

Was that a necessary detail?? Ugh I feel acute second hand embarrassment for them. This is probably NOT what they had hoped would be their legacy at The Oscars.

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On Cruises, Crossroads, Continents

@questingbeast Not to MENTION the fact that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge call it home!

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On Cruises, Crossroads, Continents

If IIIIIIIIIIII were the person who asked the first question, I would choose Argentina! It seems so exciting and romantic and bustling, and do people really tango in the streets there, or is that just a Hollywood conceit, I wonder?

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On There's a New "Les Miz" Trailer

It's perfect.

...it's perfect.

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On Haunted Icebergs

Well, I just listened to those sounds, mulled them over for a bit, and then continued on with my internet day. Except --- my computer stopped making noise! Wouldn't play any sound after I watched that video. Creeeeeeepy. Restarted, then it was fine, but I think it's pretty obvious I angered the Icebergs...

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On Fairy Tale-Themed Performance Art > OkCupid

Yeah what WAS that weird close-up of her shirt in the middle of her interview?

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