On A Pie for the American People

My uterus DID vote for me! If Mitt wins, I claim no control over what my uterus does, because that result would just shut that whole (brain) thing down.

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On In Case You Missed It: Downton, Swift

The Romney ad that came before the preview really tripped me up and changed the whole tenor of things for me, even though I realize he has nothing to do with the preview (OR DOES HE). Romney, restoring life to early 20th century aristocracy? He approves of Shirley McClaine? Romney and public broadcasting?

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On Talking the Talk

@C_Webb Ah! I am such a fan of encouraging teen girls to learn how to orgasm on their own. This is one area where Taylor "Racoon-eyes" Momsen and I agree: ladies need to become comfortable with their sexuality and what makes us get off before we have sex. http://articles.nydailynews.com/2010-12-10/gossip/27084057_1_taylor-momsen-gossip-girl-music-video

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On "Grizzly Man" is on Netflix Instant

Ah, Into the Abyss is also on Netflix if you want to get weepy late at night with a glass of wine.

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On Checking in With the Patriarchy

I don't know why these haven't popped up on Sociological Images yet.

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On One Afternoon in Williamsburg

When I saw the title I thought this was going to be about Williamsburg, VA, and I got excited. Then I realized it wasn't, and I got less excited. Then looked at the whole post and got excited and happy again!! What a roller coaster of emotion you just put me through.

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On Friday Open Thread

@SarahP WHAT how did i miss this? I think I will go to the Burlesque Festival this weekend!

(and thanks!!)

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On Friday Open Thread

I got to be a teen sexual health educator to a group of rowdy teens this week (my career goal!) and it was amazing. I fielded questions about period sex, how a lady can tell a man how to please her, and yeast infections. IROCKEDITandILOVEDIT.

Also, I am going to the Burlesque Showcase: Poles and Drag Edition tonight at Sisters in Philly - any 'pinners going???

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On Friday Open Thread

Thanks, everyone!

@faintlymacabre I am looking for local groups, but I sadly live in a relatively small city where resources are scarce/not online. I am going to try to get involved with some ESL programs (I have taught ESL, but not to Spanish speakers), and see if I can do some kind of language "exchange."

@harebell I should have added that I took through intermediate Spanish in college, but with a so-so grade, and that was several years ago. It sadly just never "stuck," mainly because I never used it past class.

@whateverlolawants I have heard about those schools in Ecuador! Sounds cooool! And I think I will check out Learn Spanish the Easy Way.

Thanks for all of the resources, everyone! I will likely check out all of them. I am pretty determined (I'm going to nursing school for community health nursing - Spanish will be a great language to know), so hopefully some combo of the above will get me to where I want to be without formal classes or going to Spanish-speaking country.

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On Friday Open Thread

@excitablegirl Thanks in advance!!! I really do love this growing online community we have here.

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