On Friday Open Thread

@camanda I preordered Miracle Mask and it kept getting delayed (I think maybe Amazon held off on shipping it due to the hurricane) but it's finally here today! I'm really looking forward to playing it this weekend, I feel like I've been waiting forever.

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On Have You Voted Yet, Are You About to Vote, When Are You Voting

I got up early to go vote and there was only a 5 minute line, I got a sticker and bought some Girl Scout cookies on the way out. So my voting went pretty great!

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On Friday Open Thread

@oodelally I have this one from Ikea which I think is similar, it's memory foam and has one side with a higher curve and one side with a lower curve. It's comfortable and I like it and I think it helps some with neck pain, but I do still have some neck issues and still get migraines so it hasn't been a cure-all.

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On Beauty Q&A: What's That Smell?

@bocadelperro I love their vanilla. I picked it up as a cheap-ish impulse purchase and have since been wearing it almost daily, while my more expensive perfumes have sat on the shelf barely touched. I really need to try out more of their scents.

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On Friday Open Thread

@figwiggin I also keep vitamins at work, they sometimes make me nauseous if I take them first thing in the morning so I take them right after lunch. And I get reminded they're there when I open my desk drawer so I don't usually forget them. It's the only way I manage to take vitamins consistently.

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On Friday Open Thread

@candybeans For use on the Pin, there was a post a while back suggesting it as a replacement for douchebag. I guess the term was already in use elsewhere for something different, though? http://thehairpin.com/2011/05/juicebox

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On The Color-Matching "Game"

8.2, but now I can't see quite right

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On Portlandia Season Two, Episode One: The Allergy Pride Parade

@frushka I didn't even realize it until I got all the way to the train station for my commute and saw there were only 3 cars in the normally full parking lot. And then discovered that the next train wouldn't show up for almost two hours since it's on a holiday schedule. I'm now working from home for the day.

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On The Dionne Years, Pierre Berton

@plonk Baby incubators! I knew there was one at Coney Island, but looks like they did fairs too. http://www.neonatology.org/pinups/coneyislandnurses.html

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On Vintage Men

Yes! I've been following that blog pretty much since it started and I'm so happy to see it here. I can't even pick a favorite picture since they're all wonderful.

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