On Sweet Dee

@Azaz the Unabridged Yeah, my hypochondriac self did NOT need to read that considering I also have a dry patch of skin at the corner of my nose that will not go away.

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On "Nipples on a C or D-cup can accelerate up to 45 mph in one second, faster than a Ferrari"

@Sea Ermine how did you figure out your real bra size? do i hire a boobie consultant?

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On Does Your Mr. Right Treat You Wrong? Prove It.


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On James Blake, "Retrograde"

@Leslie Green@facebook YES YES YES so heart-stoppingly good.

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On Shouldn’t I Be Saving The World, Or Something?

@wee_ramekin oh this made me a tad teary! Your Mom sounds like the best.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Most Wicked Face of Theda Bara

AHHH one of Theda Bara's old houses was on my college campus (Xavier University). It was reserved for Honor's students and basically the coolest place to have class ever. (couches! porch!) Also there were University-sponsored wine and cheese nights!

After I graduated they TORE IT DOWN. WHAT WHAT WHAT.



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On The Best Things Christian Women Told Me About Sex This Year

My evangelical sister-in-law swears that having pre-marital sex with my brother damaged their marriage. But they seem very happily married, so this confuses me.

I am also a Christian but the much more laid-back sort. Let's view these things in their historical context! Women were property! Jesus just wanted us to stop acting like juiceboxes to each other. Can't we all just agree on that and get along?

My sister-in-law questions that I am actually Christian since I don't believe that every word of the Bible was "god-breathed." So...yeah.

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On Games to Give and Get, Holiday 2012 Edition

@wallsdonotfall yessss THANK YOU this is why I love the Hairpin.

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On Games to Give and Get, Holiday 2012 Edition

@misskaz WHAT WHAT WHAT he's from Chicago? thanks for the Protip! That's amazing!

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On Games to Give and Get, Holiday 2012 Edition

@SuperGogo I'm on board!

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