On 'Pinners Unite for Good!


supports AIDS orphans and their caregivers in rural Zimbabwe by helping the ladies establish self-sustaining projects (community gardens, basket weaving, sewing) and supporting child-headed households.

super-small, which means they can operate in Zim (and have been for over 10 years). They send over 3000 kids to school through basket sales, and support hundreds of child-headed households through direct donations. Plus, the Grannies' projects are now fully self-governing, self-running, profitable projects- which has shifted local power in many of these villages, more into the hands of these ladies, who had been relatively voiceless. the kids under the Zienzele umbrella form clubs where they meet and talk and support each other, and once a year there is a big gathering where all the zienzele kids come together for workshops on lots of great things: from 'guard your body' type things, to how to talk freely about how you feel, ways to physically express feelings in a way that maybe helps work through them, to reproductive health, to how to articulate hopes for yourself, things like this. and of course, they hang out and get to see that they are not alone in what they are experiencing, and have fun. because they are kids.

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On Really Good Books About Horses

(The Black Stallion is the most beautiful film ever made)

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On Where (My) Girls At?

Ladies, the call is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE.

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On Really Good Books About Real Murder

Lobster Boy: the bizarre life and brutal death of Grady Stiles, Jr

anyone? anyone?

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On Treating and Sitting and Smoking and Talking

@February Revolution sweet jesus i miss that show.

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On Twenty Years of High-Schoolers' Sex Lives

condom roll-necks?

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On Kids: Worth It? and Game Day Etiquette

the santa-in-the-air-vents thing is true.

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On Foods From Fiction: Turkish Delight & Raspberry Cordial

@annierebekah like, say, at Altan Sekerleme?

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On This Just Happened.

two words: Idris Elba.

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On Better Than the Golden Globes

Dervish House is greatgreatgreat beyond great.

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