I'm gonna be your dangerous side effect.

On Mom, What's Happening to Those Ladies' Faces?

Damn you, Liquify tool!!

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On How to Mount a TV When You Have No Boyfriend, No Prospects, and Lack the Shamelessness Required to Ask for Help

@Hot Doom I LITERALLY did this when I did crew. I had an adjustable wrench on a piece of ribbon I wore around my neck so people could tighten their tracks and rigs before a race.

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On 105 Years of Anne of Green Gables Covers

@A. Louise Guilty.

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On 105 Years of Anne of Green Gables Covers

Lana Del Rey could repurpose 1977 as an album cover and no one would be the wiser.

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On Who's the Squarest-Jawed of Them All?

As much as I love Michael Caine as Alfred, I stand by my assertion that Batman Returns was the franchise's high-water mark. Viva Keaton.

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On Meet the Directors of Beats & Rhymes, the Extracurricular Rap Program Behind "Hot Cheetos & Takis"

I think I saw the Y.N. Rich Kids in a K-Mart commercial the other night. My schoolbus is my limo! My schoolbus is my limo!

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On The Online Dating Lorem Ipsum Text Generator

@Lauren Hallden@twitter You are doing the Lord's work. Here are some of the phrases I see a lot:

anything but country
anything but rap
partner in crime
pride in her/my/your appearance
Sunday funday

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On The Online Dating Lorem Ipsum Text Generator

Single father raising a beautiful daughter Madasyn up for anything but rap with my dog partner in crime.

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On What Kind of Restaurant Are You?

I want to believe I'm Momofuku Ssam, but I'm probably more Sonic Drive-In :\

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Few things:


2) A+++ slug, would slug again.

3) I took an eight-day road trip through Texas last month, and while I was in Austin I visited the Alamo Freeze, The Landing Strip (IT'S REAL!!!), Tim Riggins' house (the woman who lives there now stared me down as I drove past), Coach Taylor's house, Matt Saracen's house, and Panther Field.

4) I can't click through these photos because I refuse to believe Matt Saracen isn't going to marry ME. I always thought he was too good for Julie anyway.

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