I'm gonna be your dangerous side effect.

On A Controversial Ranking of Mr. Darcys

Reverse No. 2 and No. 1 and you've got it.

Mark Darcy forever because "Oh yes they fucking do."

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On A Controversial Ranking of Mr. Darcys

@anotherkate See, I always interpreted that thing he does with his hand like "Ew, yuck."

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On Female New York Post Writer Feels Differently Than Other Women

@Lindsay Robertson@facebook I read a thing once: "Pretty girls want to hear that they're smart. Smart girls want to hear that they're pretty."

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On Sia feat. Lena Dunham, "Chandelier"

Nicki's video borrows HEAVILY from PonPonPon.

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On Women Killing It On Jeopardy! For the First Time Ever

@Petrichoria CRUSH IT!! I auditioned a few years ago and it was one of the most fun but nervewracking things I've ever done. When I played the mock game, I was psyched that the contestant coordinators asked me about the "fun fact" I wanted them to ask about--how my favorite song to do at karaoke is 99 Problems.

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On Mad Men Season Finale: "The Best Things in Life Are Free"

(God, Betty can put forth some wisdom now and again. Did you know she also speaks Italian?)

Jen, I can't tell if you're being facetious here, but I am SO TIRED of Betty smugly telling us how smart and self-satisfied she is. I don't even care if she goes the Phyllis Schlafly route, if you're so smart, Betty, DO SOMETHING WITH IT. Don't just sit and smoke and let it all go until you're in a box.

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On Jane Talks to the Marrieds

Oh good, I'm not the only one who thought these two were insufferable.

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On Katy Perry, "Birthday"

Fun fact about this song: The awesome brass is provided by the SNL house band!

Birthday and International Smile are the two best tracks from Prism, and I think it's because they sound exactly like other, better songs: I Wanna be Your Lover by Prince and Digital Love by Daft Punk, respectively.

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On Here Is Lorde's Birth Certificate

@stuffisthings L O R D E G H A Z I

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On "The truth is, the ten or twenty minutes I was somebody’s mother were black magic": Ariel Levy's "Thanksgiving in Mongolia"

That was so, so heavy. I'm glad I read it, but I want to go home and hug my mom now.

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