I'm gonna be your dangerous side effect.

On Katy Perry, "Birthday"

Fun fact about this song: The awesome brass is provided by the SNL house band!

Birthday and International Smile are the two best tracks from Prism, and I think it's because they sound exactly like other, better songs: I Wanna be Your Lover by Prince and Digital Love by Daft Punk, respectively.

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On Here Is Lorde's Birth Certificate

@stuffisthings L O R D E G H A Z I

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On "The truth is, the ten or twenty minutes I was somebody’s mother were black magic": Ariel Levy's "Thanksgiving in Mongolia"

That was so, so heavy. I'm glad I read it, but I want to go home and hug my mom now.

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On We're Going to Lose the Only Two Good Things On Earth

GOOD. Team Frank's Red Hot.

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On Auto-Antonyms, "Awesome" and Other Unusable Words

I hate "curated." Choosing a selection of things does not make you a curator.

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On Mom, What's Happening to Those Ladies' Faces?

Damn you, Liquify tool!!

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On How to Mount a TV When You Have No Boyfriend, No Prospects, and Lack the Shamelessness Required to Ask for Help

@Hot Doom I LITERALLY did this when I did crew. I had an adjustable wrench on a piece of ribbon I wore around my neck so people could tighten their tracks and rigs before a race.

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On 105 Years of Anne of Green Gables Covers

@A. Louise Guilty.

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On 105 Years of Anne of Green Gables Covers

Lana Del Rey could repurpose 1977 as an album cover and no one would be the wiser.

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On Who's the Squarest-Jawed of Them All?

As much as I love Michael Caine as Alfred, I stand by my assertion that Batman Returns was the franchise's high-water mark. Viva Keaton.

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