On Dog Shadow

Oh, Kira. I'm so sorry. This post is really resonating with me, because we suddenly lost our five-year-old furry friend last week to lymphoma. He was sick for less than four days, so in some regards I'm glad to have missed the surgeries, cone of shames and look of confusion on his face.

I am jealous, however, of knowing that it would happen in advance and having the opportunity to say goodbye the way you are able to. Kip has clearly been an incredible companion for you and I'm glad that you are able to return the favor now.

Losing our dog has hit me with pain that I never knew possible. I always knew this process would be terrible, but I don't think I let myself comprehend the scope and intensity of the pain. I think a large part of that was the speed of how it all went - there was no time to process it.

Everyday is getting better. Cherish every moment you have with Kip and know that he is happy just to be near you. You have given him a wonderful life.

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On The Best Time I Did Yoga With Someone From Friday Night Lights

@Anne Helen Petersen I may or may not have driven past East Dillon a few too many times, hoping to catch a glimpse of Monsieur Saracen...

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On The Best Time I Did Yoga With Someone From Friday Night Lights

The main reaction I've had to this article was "How did I live in Austin for two years and only see an FNL cast member while driving down Guadalupe?" (But really, Taylor Kitsch was driving a beat-up red truck and it was PERFECT.)

Also thought, "But which yoga studio? It must be by Hyde Park if it's near East Dillon." Clearly, my life has been wasted to this point.

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On The Four Kinds of Airplane Passengers

People crowding up at the gate LONG before their zones are called is the main reason why I despise domestic flights from now on. I do, however, take great pride in zooming past people when it's actually my turn to board. In my head, I'm telling them off and righting the wrongs of the world.

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On The NYC Hairpin Meetup Was a Disaster

@Jaya It was so much fun to meet everyone, as well! I suppose bros are a standard hazard of going out in New York now. At least there was IPA.

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On Alien Bachelors From Planet Diamond?

@foureyedgirl My first thought went to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. That just sounds like the kind of planet they would make on Magrathea, doesn't it?

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On At the End of an Email, Everyone's a Valedictorian

@Xanthophyllippa I'll use the Hook 'Em, but only when corresponding with Aggies. Thankfully, that doesn't happen often.

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On At the End of an Email, Everyone's a Valedictorian

Thanks to this conversation thread, I hereby renounce my previous practice of signing all work emails with "Best." (Regards is icky, and I only use Thanks when asking someone for something.)

From now on, it will be:
"Texas Forever,

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Elizabeth Taylor, Black Widow

@Anne Helen Petersen I am totally on board with this. While my long-suffering Texas family doesn't have stories quite as insane as the black widow, I'm mining my memory for good tales. Oh, Texas!

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On Were You Alive In…

@becky@twitter oh man, i remember going to the sears in downtown el paso and buying a nintendo with my brother. my grandmother had given us each $50 - mine in $5 bills, his in $1 bills. i think the clerk hated us, but we had a nintendo!

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