On Stuffing, Pastrami, and Chopped Liver

This is such a lovely piece.

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On Assumptions

@raised amongst catalogs OH MY GOSH I hate thinking about my grinning skull.

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On One of Those Things Nobody Talks About

You are a lovely writer and I am so sorry this happened to you and your baby and your family. Good luck with the healing and stuff.

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On Finance 101: Shoebox Savings and Baby Bonds

Reading this column always makes me feel so terrifically guilty.

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On How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Vacation With a Miscarriage

You are a brilliant writer. I'm sorry about your baby.

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On My Mom's Fitness Competition

Taylor, I love your writing. Also, I read this after I listed to the This American Life episode on Amusement Parks and I'm on a whole 'ORDINARY HUMAN BEINGS ARE SO FASCINATING/INSPIRING/HEART-BREAKING' buzz so now I am all teary over your mom and the Disneyland guy.

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On The Best Time I Fainted in Public

I HAVE NEVER FAINTED. I thought I was melodramatic, but apaz not.GET WITH THE PROGRAM BODY!

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On A Letter to the "Secret" Masturbator

@Trilby Flashing is on the continuum of sexual violence. Public masturbation is a sexually violent act.

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On A Letter to the "Secret" Masturbator

YES MAERHA YES. I really like what you have written here. It has made me feel a bit weird. I think I'm going to eat some ice-cream and think about everyone who ever made me feel word-less.

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On I Had a Stroke When I Was 26

I like this.

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