Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

"Funny (but not cheesy) Cool Music Hot Opinionated Guy 1989-2013" - my tombstone

On ERMAHGERD, More College Admissions Essay Prompts

im just gonna sit here and think about how someone who writes an essay about #YOLO is somehow more qualified than me to have a job that pays a living wage.

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On Friday Open Thread

@PennyCentury that sounds p me tbh

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On Friday Open Thread

@PennyCentury why are cancer boys amazing????

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On Friday Open Thread

i turn 24 on sunday (≖﹏≖✿)

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On What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

@Jaya @blushingflower haha its funny that u mention the Beatles, bc thats immediately where my mind when when i read "objectively good art" (even tho i really dont care for them. thanks, my uncles). I guess my problem is i dont think those rubrics for judging or analyzing things are useful??? like, are Ho-Hos trying to be gourmet food? is Yes to the Dress trying to be like [insert whatever u think good tv is here]? so i dont think those comparisons add anything to the discourse? i think intent matters a lot when we talk about this stuff. "Girlfriend" seems to be trying to be a fun catchy pop song, and it succeeds in that regard.

@whizz_dumb its less a indictment of 'hatefulness' and more like, wantonly denigrating things you enjoy to save face? like what u like and fight for it! im not saying u cant have problems, but saying 'this is bad but i like this part' instead of 'i like this but this is a bad part' focuses on the negative instead of the positive and i just think thats lame to crap on yr own taste like that? yr taste is as good and valid as anyone else! also i forgot why i quit.

@MoxyCrimeFighter its funny u bring up iCarly too! bc i remember when the avc covered the finale (and gave it a good grade) a lot of the commenters were AGAST that it would give a great show any attention bc its a ~bad show~ or something (lets be real here. its cos its for and stars teen girls). i just think 'good' and 'bad' have a lot of other stuff involved with either categorization thats independent of objective 'quality'.

@j-i-a Totally! i dont want to be like, me forcing my junk on anybody and im glad u elaborated! i just think designations of 'guilty pleasure' or 'so bad its good' arent useful ways to talk about art (or maybe i dont like certain art being called 'garbage' idk)

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On What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

ugh ugh ugh im breaking my self imposed hairpin comment exile to say i hate the concept of 'garbage music vs bad music' bc i hate the idea of ppl being ashamed of the things they like and half-denouncing it as a means to gain cultural capital. its a recipe for unhappiness and shame. if u like that FOB cover, then like it! art is subjective! u can talk about the things u enjoy and criticize the things u dont in equal turn without dismissing it outright!

(oh and Hatesong is like 95% of the time white bro punk dudes hating on pop music and its wack as hell)

ok bye

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On Get This Look: Adventure Time

get this look?

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On Friday Open Thread

ok i wanted to read and think about these before responding to them bc i really appreciate you guys putting up with my awfulness and idiocy. i Plan On Never Bringing This Up Again and just going over there to comment bc i feel like my comments here have been SUCKING lately and maybe i need a break.

i just wanna hear some dissenting opinions (not looking to get convinced i guess?? tho what ive heard makes me wanna dig deeper than some of the 'link bait' that i think goes on there. beyond the stuff that get linked thru the awl and hairpin) but the few ppl i talk money with dont really like it and i wanna hear some supporting thoughts (and maybe i just wanna talk about class here but dont really know how to bring it up other than "HEY ISNT THIS FUCKING TOTAL BULLSHIT NO WAR BUT CLASS WAR")! im fine with 'middle class' being a baseline bc one has to exist and theres even a little bit of that here but i get annoyed with the sort of Thought Catalog level editorials detailing the complicated relationship with entitled kids with the word 'entitled'. bc i know ill read them and get aggravated and i get mad at myself bc that aggravation isnt constructive bc its directed at a private person and not the systems that made them that way (im trying really hard to get better about that). im glad u guys respect my opinion but i respect yalls too and wanna hear it! i wouldnt bring it up here if i didnt! (also that Josh Eidelson interview was great) <3

ok ill see y'all around then?

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On Friday Open Thread

@celeec4@twitter THEY'RE GORGEOUS THO

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On Friday Open Thread

@celeec4@twitter its seriously the best system on the market right now

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